A C T C - 2014/09 Entries - Poetrysoup Winners 10 Of 12 Poem by Brian Johnston

A C T C - 2014/09 Entries - Poetrysoup Winners 10 Of 12

These are poems from a parallel contest that I ran on PoetrySoup where I also post my own poetry. I have been given permission by each of the winning authors to post their poems on Poemhunter.com. Hopefully PoemHunter will not object and appreciate the additional exposure that this innovation gives them as well. I will eventually make a small comment on each of these fine poems. Please be patient! : -)

Tie for 1st Place - 3 Winners

God's Kind of Poetry
by Dr. Ram Mehta/PoetrySoup.com

An eagle finds the highest mountain to build its nest
And lays the first layer of nest with sharp objects
Such as thorns and stones for the unborn with zest
And next, covering that layer with soft targets,
Such as wood, feathers and the animal fur.
So as the baby birds are hatched, gets protection.
As they grew a bit, the mother eagle takes
The nest materials and mixes them up.
The jumbled mass is now a mix of sharp and soft
And sometimes sharp edges may cut babies' skin.
And next, the mother stops putting food
From her mouth to the mouths of the babies.
Making their comfortable world into painful one.
The discomfort becomes so great for the babies
They begin to fly away to get out of the nest.

This analogy of God explains the value of pains.
We don't seek god when happy and comfortable
We turn to him only in times of troubles.
God does whatever it takes help eagles fly
It's a wake-up call to teach every one of us
Not too much indulge in physical comforts.
God removes the soft coverings to remind us
That this life is painful and full of sufferings
And its solution is to soar in spiritual realms.

Contest Master's Comment:
As I am buffeted by the up and down drafts in the lofty halls of poetry on both PH and PS, I am so heartened by your art here that it scarcely matters to me if it is true or not. If it is not true, then it should be, in the same sense that if God does not in fact exist, still, He/She should exist, for there is injustice that needs to be righted, and so many that need help recognizing the fact that God does love them and that He/She is always there for them. It is true that many seem to fall by the wayside of life, and yet my heart rejoices in the thought that what does not kill me, actually serves to make me stronger if I will simply be open to the gift. There are so many races we can run that make a difference in this world.

A truely lovely poem and a great gift to us all. Your poem simply left me soaring in places I never dreamed of visiting even! Thank you!


God's Kind of Poetry
by Richard Lamoureux/PoetrySoup.com

I formed the poet to be my clay pen
To dance on the pin tip of my understanding
I delight in words
All things came into existance through my words
The planets
The stars
The moon
The sun
The universes beyond what you can see
They are tethered by my imagination
I am a God of order
I delight in repetition
My ways are perfect
What you see a chaos, fits perfectly into my plans
I occupy all the spaces
I exist within each breath
My energy flows from beginning to end and back again
I allow you to glimpse my shadow
For my full Glory would consume your human form
I am beyond your comprehension
Yet I wish you to know me
Ponder me
Come into my loving arms
My words are written on ancient scrolls
Each verse contains my essence
My invitation to a wondorous feast
Taste the succulence of my bounty
The flavours my affection
My consummate Love
Do not be concerned with the temporary
Trust in my grace
For I know all your needs
This world will one day disappear
Paradise will reside under your feet
I will be your compleation
Dancing will have new meaning
Rivers will sparkle like diamonds
The skies will no longer need the sun
For I will be your light
We will walk through a new Jerusalem
Streets of gold
Buildings encrusted in precious gems
Trees will be laden with fruit
No hunger
No tears
My children will know freedom
Strength will course through veins
Angels will walk in their midsts
Age will no longer be their enemy
Death will be a forgotten memory
For I am God
My words
My poetry
They can be your reality
Make use of your free will
I am bound by my own promises
You must choose my path
Be a vessel of my Love
You my clay pen
Can flow
With golden ink

Poet's Notes:
For this contest I am asked to write from the perspective of God.
It is an insurmountable task for one as limited as myself. I humbly
submit this attempt and pray that it honors my heavenly Father.

Contest Master's Comment:
Oh Richard, your pen flows with golden ink already! And your poem somehow even divines the title for my next Poetry contest on both PoemHunter and Poetry soup which I announce here in tribute to your excellent poem. The title of the new Challenge Title (for those of you who wish to get a head start on your competition is 'Words - The Heart of Imagination? ' Isn't it amazing how this new title fits in with your poem's theological foundation? Or is this not mere coincidence but somehow point to the fact that all True Poetry is in fact 'God's Kind of Poetry? ' In your poem God's Grace truly becomes palpable, the scent that crowns all scents, the drink that ends all thirst! God and I are tight and I can assure you that this poem has honored God and honors God again every time it is read by mortal man!


God's Kind of Poetry
By Carolyn Devonshire/PoetrySoup.com

God finds His rhyme
in echoes of dolphin's cries
His meter is reflected
in the change of seasons

He looks upon us
would-be wordsmiths
with a smile
perhaps even a chuckle

stumblers through glory
created by His hand
no image we create with a pen
can match the weave of His design

we describe trees
personify them and give them voices
fill them with nests of blue robins' eggs
wail as they shed their splendor each fall

far more beauty is found by listening
God's heaven-sent breeze
filters through branches
dropping acorns on the earth below

we forage for words
deep into late-night attacks of creativity
indoors, in man-made structures
while God's poetry remains outside

perhaps, by hand, He will guide us
allow us to soar above deep seas
grant us entry to volcanoes' depths
view plants and animals He has created below

only then will we know
God's kind of poetry


Tie for 2nd Place - 3 Winners

God's Kind Of Poetry
By Maurice Yvonne/PoetrySoup.com

he crawls in the filth,
struggles to climb,
finding a convenient spot
he branches out.

the most baffling of all processes.

when done...dormant.
he will be prey for predators of all kinds

as time passes,
as minutes count the hours...the hours the days
he beats the odds, success is his.

the dirty crawler who gives even 'Jocks'
the willies, the heebee jeebees,
starts his exit from his rented home.

just a bit, then more...then
wings opened...the crawler emerges,
a colorful...one of nature's most beautiful creations
...as you stare with disbelief,

A Butterfly
...crafted with rainbow borrowed shades.
as he is in you, so you know this is God's poetry.

one of God's rich, layered writes
'The Beauty and The Beast'.'The Ugly Duckling'...

...and his children the human poet evolves by osmosis.

God's kind of poetry
pastes smiles in the core of young and old.
...ah but in children's laughter
joy like they've never known.

his masterfully written poetry...approved by all.
In prayer we herald the poet's name.


God's Kind of Poetry
By Tony Dean Driskell/PoetrySoup.com

God's kind of poetry, wow where can I begin.
God's kind of poetry, I only know it stays honest till the end.
I can't envision or even fathom explaining perfection through God's eyes but describing his brilliance brings me much pleasure and glory and for that I'll gladly compete for this prize.
If exposed to his complete creation, I imagine atheist would spend their entire lives looking for a single hint of a flaw.
I said their entire lives, cause it would pass them by in amazement of what they just saw.
God's meaningful messages can flow through you gracefully and with timely understanding.
God's important lessons can even bump into you if you was busy and not closely listening.
I imagine God's art is so complicated yet premeditated, it can't be traced or ever forged.
If with hate or even simple disbelief in your soul, reach out to Lucifer and become forever heavenly purged.
God's kind of poetry, I'm so glad I began.
God's Kind of poetry, I pray through life's obstacles, it remains instilled in me till the end.



Tie for 3rd Place - 3 Winners

A walk to the Cross
By Dave Timperly/PoetrySoup.com

When Jesus walked to Calvary,
He fell many times along the way,
His heavy load caused Him to stumble,
Are we too proud to be so humble?

Our life is our walk to Calvary,
We also will fall along the way,
Our load is worry, fear and hate,
Do we deserve to reach the Golden Gate?

All His life Jesus did nought but good,
We would do the same if only we could,
If only we could embrace His way,
Our faith would grow stronger each passing day.

For forty days in the wilderness,
Satan watched to see Him transgress,
He never did, to His Father he was true,
Oh; this could happen to me and to you.

God loves us so much, that He gave up His son,
Who died for us in a terrible way,
Our sins, on His back, he bore that day,
God couldn't watch, He turned away.

Jesus died and was laid in a tomb of stone,
For three days He lay there but not alone,
Angels watched o'er Him day and night
On the third day the stone rolled away.

Jesus was risen on that Easter morn'
His grave clothes were left for all to see,
Death was defeated and Satan cried,
I have been beaten, my prize denied.

What Jesus did all those centuries past,
Was to set us free from his clutches at last.
Now we can live our lives the Jesus way,
The Cross stands forever, pointing the way.

Now, Satan can test us, try all he might,
But Jesus protects us, both day and night,
Satan will always be there on our shoulder,
But Jesus' love just makes us bolder.

I don't know about you, but as for me,
I'll take my walk to Calvary,
I'll bear the scars of Satan's attack,
But I'll be ready when Jesus comes back.

Contest Master's Comment:
You show great courage Dave in facing God's pain and recognizing in it this Poem of His Love For Mankind. The poetry of man can always be improved, a word here, a word there, a new way of seeing something that illuminates the questions we all have. Your poem is quite good as it stands but I would humbly make one tiny suggestion, that you consider changing the theologically weak (to me) line

‘God couldn't watch, He turned away.'

Which is more likely a human reaction,
To the more speculative but empathetic still

'The one time perhaps in all eternity, God Wept! '


God's Kind Of Poetry
by Connie Marcum Wong/PoetrySoup.com

I see God in nature, surrounded in the beauty of our earth.
As God may speak with his spark of life dwelling in me,
Expressed though HIS thoughts in my poetic word's birth.

'Now all of my children born and reborn in this world,
I will be your parent, grand teacher, and protector.
Know you are part of me as your earthly body is unfurled.

Fragrant flowers should be known as your sister and brother.
Breathe in deeply of the varied glorious tree's blessed breath;
A gift from me, your omnipotent father and mother.

Each season praises that divine dominion of poetry.
With each season new life emerges with the beginning of spring
Into the warmth of summer across verdant fields and forestry.

Do not fear as I cause autumn season's winds to blow
In seeming wrath, set upon colorful trees, leaves are freed
To invite winter and the blessings of new fallen snow.

Receive my blessing of light that opens a direct path to me.
Let it shine bright in your life, in all that you say and do.
Share your delight of this blessing through inspired poetry.

Be aware of your words for they embrace the real you.
Others may be hurt by careless words spoken.
Remember, words mean as much as your actions do.

Any kindness you display by reaching out to those in need
Is always a welcome gift and returned to you in kind,
Only in much more abundance to help YOU succeed.

As you question the heavenly stars in their distant galaxies
The answers lie within yourself, if you will be still and meditate.
You may seek the truth in your own mind for life's realities.

I am near you always, within and without, have no doubt.
I only wish you love and happiness, even though I know
You must experience difficult times to learn what life's about.

For you are my child and I rejoice in lessons you've learned of.
Teach your children to revere and love me, not fear me,
I'm here to guide and protect them, for you see, I am LOVE! '

Please put your trust in me both below and above
For my divine power and glory is centered in love.


Tie for 4th Place - 3 Winners

God's Kind of Poetry
by Peter Duggan/PoetrySoup.com

I look down with eyes so clear
On all of life that be so dear
And I see all you folk down there
Looking, looking everywhere
Trying to reach me knowing not
That I am everything, the lot
I am all you'll ever be
I be thee, and you be me.

You look at me with love, and fear
But have you got the message clear
That if you want to seek me out
Do not look you all about
Just take a look so deep within
Take a search beneath your din
Then you'll find the whisper there
Lately it's a thing so rare

When you find me you will know
The whole of you will wear a glow
Peace and harmony will shine
You'll know me then the one divine
They'll be no inner wars for you
You'll be a light that shines on through
Touching others, changing them
A mystic one, a shining gem.

Poet's Notes:
Written for the contest 'Gods kind of poetry' I don't know if this is what the contest wants. But I do know that Hermann Hesse would give it the thumbs up, After reading his book Siddartha.


God's Kind of Poetry
By Debbie Guzzi/PoetrySoup.com

O ever changing sky, blue-gray and maudlin
your mood and unsettled ways, meld with mine.
Clouds seem but blemishes upon horizons
as weary as the soot smudged cheeks of urchins.
Bruised in hues at once fresh with pain and longing,
not yet healed by the riper rise of next day's bloom.

O ever changing sky, the nascent forest's buds.
Its lashes linger in the purple poignancy of dusk
and whip thy brow with thrashing maple limbs.
Eyeless vault of heaven cry for me, release my plight
erase with thy wonders this tattered visage so forlorn.
The sky of night holds many jewels of delight.

O ever changing sky, clear to crisper shades of sapphire,
ping with shooting stars and glowing diadems of light.
Let lavender blue soften my sorrows for I like Merope*
need Orion's might to lift my heartache, to point the way.
May thy constant rebirth give hope which melds with mine
and brings a beauty brighter than your Venus** to the day.

Poet's Notes:
*Merope was Orion's star crossed lover.
**Venus is the Goddess of Love and the Morning Star


God's Kind of Poetry
By Joyce Johnson/PoetrySoup.com

From the painted skies of morning
To the starlight of the night,
Whether day is just aborning
Or in fading of the light,
In the summer days of sunshine
Or in winter days of white,
God is bursting out all over,
His awed children to delight
With his awesome show of might.

But the springtime, oh the springtime
Is the best of all the seasons.
It is favored by the Father
For he finds so many reasons
To adore it and adorn it,
With the beauty of the flowers
That are everywhere in springtime,
In the warming springtime hours,
Sublimely bathed in springtime showers.

Winner's Poems reprinted with permission from PoetrySoup.com.

PH members are welcome to rate these poems also by posting a score from 1-10 in a personal comment where they reveal their identity. This is, in my opinion, how all voting for poems on PH should be done. A personal comment should have a header that allows visitors to rate a poem. The author of the site should then have a box he/she checks to allow this rating to become a part of the displayed ratings of the poem. In this way the author is given the right to either ban or OK a visitor's rating on his/her own poem as well as to ban a spurious comment altogether. This would indeed be an interesting way to acknowledge a poor Troll's right to vote his hatred of the less mentally ill, while at the same time preserving the more appropriate feelings of the poetic community at large. The Troll can object to a poem, become a laughing stock for the community (since his/her name is attached to this opinion, but not be able to denigrate a poem's reputation in the community.
Bri Edwards 09 November 2014

i'm going to experience poetry overload if i read all the stuff on this page. i choose not to, but thanks for the chance. bri :)

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Abekah Emmanuel 16 October 2014

It is marvellous how poets from different backgrounds can, with such dexterity and a sense of unity, compose beautiful poems under one title which is itself unique and beautiful. Personally, I think that, the unity that binds all these poems together clearly shows that, God's kind of poetry is universal and wrtten everywhere. All the poems posted before, and these ones imported from abroad by BJ to our noble hunting community are equally powerful and mind blowing. To narrow down my comment to those above, I will say they are all great and artistic pieces of work. However, since loving all the three will make me a polygamist, I will give the highest interest to the second. It is rich in well crafted metaphors and quite philosophical. It explains that, all the chaos and misunderstanding among us humans, fit perfectly into God's plans. We being poets who dance on the pin tip of God's pen is a very nice expression. The whole poem is a summary of God's kind of poetry.9.0 For this effort!

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Brian Johnston 16 October 2014

Wow, I personally really love Dr. Ram Mehta's poem 'God's Kind of Poetry.' So many close friends of mine are so angry at God because of the pain in this world and this poem's eloquence in explaining 'pain' as an example in fact of God's love, in fact his poetry for us all just blows me away quite frankly. A perfect 10.0 from me Dr. Mehta!

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