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And so yesterday I met her
And the sun will my witness bear,
She was on her way to the river
When suddenly I was attacked by fever,

And so today I write to you oh fellow poet!
Yes, I know this will take you by surprise
For I know, you write about host of issues;
From life to death, from heaven to hell,

The meaning of life always intrigues me,
Each and everyday, I wonder how
Life can be such a difficult thing
To understand to the brim.

When I whispered my love to you from afar,
You went deaf and considered it a holy lie,
You ignored my calls, texts, and everything
About me that you could, by chance, find:

The time I deny the world, to my poetry I freely give,
The most sensitive secrets I hide from my family,
In the nucleus of my poetry I joyfully hide.
The feelings which words cant adequately explain,

Around me was a heavy bush,
The home of different species
of animals, including predators,
Both of dreams and reality.

The bush in which you hide,
Has eyes,
The wall, behind which you speak,
Has ears,

Oh how I miss you, dear poet in me!
When I think about the time we shared,
How you had kept my stick busy in the past
And how you have divorced me suddenly

Accept mine too Oh God!
Though I know it is not enough,
For this is all
that my praise-filled mouth

I have no English honours like Brick,
I am not talented as Brian Johnston,
My poems dont hit like Hazel Durham's
But I too, sing poetry!

Our tears will be no more,
Our sorrows shall come to an end,
Our fears will be no more
Our fellows shall see us ahead,

As I climb higher,
I spot many changes in me
Some invisible to the eye,
Others so clear that even

It may be buried memories from my past
Though still fresh and striking to my heart
How I wish its effects ceases to last
But anytime it flashes my mind, it makes me sad.

Indeed I owe the world lots of gratitude,
So huge and in size that I cannot pay to the end:
Straight from the longitude to the latitude
Of my life, to many people, am deeply indebted.

So many thoughts on my mind,
About my present and the past,
About my future, many I find,
As some die, others continue to last.

For how long shall troubles torment my journey?
O how long shall the court keep adjourning my case?
Would I wake up tomorrow for the same penny,
Or I will pursue a different phase?

Years often come in excitement, in chilled mid-nights
Colored with beautiful dreams and blooming hope,
Like a newly born baby, it brings joy to those present
And reminds them of their beginnings some years ago:

When the day sweeps
Away the last drop of darkness,
Aurora with her cool breath,
Gently rising to her duties,

What would I had done, My friend
If you were not alive?

How would my life be like, my friend

Of course i know nothing but your love,
Yes! no lesson is interesting to grab
than that which you teach me to learn.
I grew fond of you long before your birth

Abekah Emmanuel Biography

Still in school pursuing my undergraduate degree at university of Ghana. I enjoy reading and writing poetry and wish to register my name in the academic quarters.)

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To My Princess

And so yesterday I met her
And the sun will my witness bear,
She was on her way to the river
When suddenly I was attacked by fever,
My heart had nearly fallen out
And I could hear the sound
Yes! She was the one.

So I gave up my journey to the farm
Strengthened and crossed my arm,
I advanced towards her with courage
Though she was not alone, but with her entourage
And as I moved closer with Peter's vim,
The world suddenly appeared dim
And then I began to tremble.

Oh what a beauty with perfectness!
She has no similarity nor likeness
And I am sure she is Plato's Form of Beauty
For she is attached to no form of duty,
Her smiles randomly explode like uranium
And I simply love it above maximum.
Indeed, she is the queen among princesses.

And so her name i inquired
As every true friendship may require,
And to my surprise, 'Eve' she said,
'Then with your apple, let me be fed'
For long I have searched for you
And today I am ready to be a crook
If love is nothing but a crime.

But the sad truth is, I have no gold nor silver,
Which you may expect from me as your lover,
Neither do i have voice to sing you melodies
To keep you distant from your tragedies,
But only this my poor stick with ink
Which I can use to heal you when you are sick,
And so, this I dedicate to you, Oh princess!

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Abekah Emmanuel Popularity

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