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A Capitalist, A Socialist And A Poet

Rating: 5.0

A Capitalist, a Socialist and a Poet

Capitalist: What profit's there to be made?
Socialist: And how the workers will get paid?
Poet: Forget potatoes and your stocks,
The beauty's in the shining locks
Of my sweet darling-there she is-
An angel gliding through the breeze.
Capitalist: That's fine and dandy. What's the price
Of that sweet bosom and those eyes?

What is the bottom line, my friend?
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Sandra Feldman 26 September 2020

Fabulously written! Inspiring yet inspired by our rotten times, I see it on the stage as a short play With the 3 protagonists, Really nailing their lives In their own way With what they say Which is the truth About each one, Dear Mr. Poet, Never better done! Love it! Thank you so much!

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Fay Slimm 12 October 2009

This piece is riveting from the first line onwards and I love the punch in the final line - - - Alex I am glad I found your page - you have much to say of international interest which simmers itself into your verses - - greetings from Fay in Cornwall U.K.

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