A Challenge Poem by Ambrose Bierce

A Challenge

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A bull imprisoned in a stall
Broke boldly the confining wall,
And found himself, when out of bounds,
Within a washerwoman's grounds.
Where, hanging on a line to dry,
A crimson skirt inflamed his eye.
With bellowings that woke the dead,
He bent his formidable head,
With pointed horns and gnarly forehead;
Then, planting firm his shoulders horrid,
Began, with rage made half insane,
To paw the arid earth amain,
Flinging the dust upon his flanks
In desolating clouds and banks,
The while his eyes' uneasy white
Betrayed his doubt what foe the bright
Red tent concealed, perchance, from sight.
The garment, which, all undismayed,
Had never paled a single shade,
Now found a tongue-a dangling sock,
Left carelessly inside the smock:
'I must insist, my gracious liege,
That you'll be pleased to raise the siege:
My colors I will never strike.
I know your sex-you're all alike.
Some small experience I've had
You're not the first I've driven mad.'

Susan Williams 19 May 2017

Hahahahahahaha. I love a humorous yet barbed poem and he is master of the genre!

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Geoffrey Fafard 19 May 2017

Such going ons. fun, intricate and great to read.

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Edward Kofi Louis 19 May 2017

The confining wall! ! Thanks for sharing.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 19 May 2017

Single shade.... thanks for posting.....

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