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Well I slid on down to the crossroads
In the darkest hour of night

A long long time ago
There lived a boy
Who in his youth
Witnessed life with joy

Savvy my old girl
Has been crook
Bleeding from the mouth and
Acute Pancreas inflammation.

Immigrant father from the land of terror
What have you learnt now that your son is dead
Conscripted youth fleeing back to the land of terror
What awaits you my child, my boy, my dead young man?

Only now dear one
In my hour of need I call on you,
Call for you, call out to you
Please help me now, right now, I beg

The Angel of Tomorrow (The agonies of a little boy lost in the dark)

The angel of tomorrows light
Saw me shed a tear

I walked from the big house to the villas
In the cool of the late tuscan night
I smelt wheat grass and orange blossom
I heard owls and night birds



Along the road of sin.
Lots of rope he carries

(with so many apologies to her)

So there you are and here I am
An ageing friend and an strange old man

(From a series—Dogs I Have Known.)

Rosie. part terrier, part wind up dog
Part lucky dog

A splintered moon rises
Over the village of my ramblings
And a cold mist follows, a chilly blanket
Deep from the valley floor

Plunge into the green
walk headlong into the perfume
talk to bees, lady bugs and worms
Don't worry about where you are

It is so important
This season to quietly
Listen to
Whispered vanishing sounds

In my new house there is a ghost
Sadly I do not believe in ghosts
I've been told I need a cleansing
A smoking ceremony

Those that walk through the jungle
The thick wet impenetrable forest
In the dark hours of night
Looking for something to talk to and

I caught them by their heads
One giant motley brown
One giant lollipop green
I could almost hear them

Lonely is the mist of these hills
Lost high the thick forests of deodar رخت
Thin clouds hurrying over peaks
Even bird calls are lonely

We do not wish to alarm you
But we must pass on to you
The matter of the Leopard
That roams these hills

Fortunate am I to reside
On the edge of the wilderness
Requiring only small effort
To reach little seen

It is spring here on the edge of the wilderness
and the night smells of
Wild watermelon wine
Winter has packed her sullen suitcase

The Best Poem Of Geoffrey Fafard

Blues Trade

Well I slid on down to the crossroads
In the darkest hour of night
I will trade you here on the delta
my soul for to see the light
- - - - - - -
I aint no crawling king snake
the wind don't know my name
I been finished with spirit messin
Don't force me to take the blame
- - - - - - -
You sung a medley to me of hard times
more than 12 bars of a song gone bad
I cried to you for mercy
It just made you wail so sad
- - - - - -
The wind comes a howlin down
The empty road I'm walkin on
These blues run up my bad luck day
The safety's broke and gone
- - - - - - - -
I tried to love the thought
That I wasn't walking with the dead
But no luck was mine sept bad
cause I was runnin with them instead
- - - - - - -
Its late now you see
The yellow moon on the wane
and in the cold light of it
My song will be of pain
- - - - - - -
I'm standin here at the crossroads
In the darkest hour of night
Please don't trade me here on the delta
Cause I am the bluesman of black light
- - - - - - - -

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Kumarmani Mahakul 15 May 2020

Geoffrey Fafard is a very highly talented poet with wonderful perception. He writes poems in various topics and reflects life's essence in his each poem. I have read and reviewed his poems. His wonderful poems on nature and natural beauty are more attractive for readers. The poet loves flowers and flower valley. The Angel Of Tomorrow walks wonderful with nice vision through An Evening Walk In Tuscany. His poems are gems. May God bring happiness for him!

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Geoffrey Fafard Popularity

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