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Blues Trade

Well I slid on down to the crossroads
In the darkest hour of night

A Long Time Ago.

A long long time ago
There lived a boy
Who in his youth
Witnessed life with joy

Old Black Dogs.

Savvy my old girl
Has been crook
Bleeding from the mouth and
Acute Pancreas inflammation.

Face Down In The Sand

Immigrant father from the land of terror
What have you learnt now that your son is dead
Conscripted youth fleeing back to the land of terror
What awaits you my child, my boy, my dead young man?

In My Time Of Need.

Only now dear one
In my hour of need I call on you,
Call for you, call out to you
Please help me now, right now, I beg

Geoffrey Fafard Quotes

19 April 2015

Whist travelling one is asked numerous unspoken questions You must do the asker the courtesy of an unspoken answer.

19 April 2015

Old hotels are like old lovers Creaky, Freaky and Mysterious

19 April 2015

Taking your shoes off in a temple is like taking the saddle off your camel Comforting to the camel but confusing for you…

19 April 2015

Listen children A girl will cook like a master chef Calm, accurate and delicious A boy will cook like his mother Unbeatable, unchallengeable and delicious…

19 April 2015

If a man walks away from you it is a slap in the face If a dog walks away from you-you are a disgrace…

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Kumarmani Mahakul 15 May 2020

Geoffrey Fafard is a very highly talented poet with wonderful perception. He writes poems in various topics and reflects life's essence in his each poem. I have read and reviewed his poems. His wonderful poems on nature and natural beauty are more attractive for readers. The poet loves flowers and flower valley. The Angel Of Tomorrow walks wonderful with nice vision through An Evening Walk In Tuscany. His poems are gems. May God bring happiness for him!

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