A Child In Danger Poem by Kale Beaudry

A Child In Danger

Rating: 3.2

take a deep breath little one
hold the hands and numbers inside your chest
open your eye to all, see it all
because either there is a red signal, or nothing whatsoever
exist not in the back your mind, exist as the world;
the clouds, the skies, the heat, the stars, the planets, the nothingness
and you will be everything
take a deep breath little one.

Indira Renganathan 17 April 2009

Very touching...good expression...good poem10

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ata khan 17 April 2009

A very mature poem by such a young poet, Impressive work, Thanks for sharing

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Adeline Foster 20 April 2009

Yes, a mature poem, Impressive, touching, and good expression but it was me who really gave you the 10. Adeline

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Raj Arumugam 23 April 2009

such lucidity and lyrical power; the poetry is just so pure...

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Kesav Easwaran 29 April 2009

you give nice escaping advice there...the mind is always in danger...well written piece, Kale...thanks...10

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Marieta Maglas 28 October 2009

nice abstract poem, deep ideas well embedded to convey the message.10+++

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Patti Masterman 16 July 2009

Glad to have found this one. There is a deepness in here as if you are speaking directly to the soul or something. I do think souls can communicate with each other without words sometimes.

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take a deep breath little one. ... take a deep brathand think.... lovely presentation of thoughts....

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Surya . 06 July 2009

beautiful and expressive poem. voted 10 surya

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this is what I mean, there is no you in the poem, you are just a voice. Can you clarify the image of hands and numbers on the child's chest? Momentarily I gave the explanation of a clock (the child being a clock) but then I thought it would be too much. Very good poem

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Kale Beaudry

Kale Beaudry

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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