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Simply, not much to say other than what’s here: I am a god-fearing person. I was born and raised at Lemon Hall, in St Catherine Jamaica, W1. I have lived for many years in the UK. Now I am living here in Canada. I am a retired man and I am enjoying every day of it. I have worked hard in the past, but the good Lord has kept me through it all. Plus, ...

Clarence Prince Poems

Life, It's Precious!

There is nothing quite like life
In cheerful time it is life
In sorrowful time it is life
When the weather's bright it is life

The Breeze

Autumn's Breeze

The breeze will help trees
To get rid of many leaves

More To Life!

There is much more to life
Than just to watch, it diminishes away
Life's ordains, for everyone to enjoy it rightly
Mingles with much love, and the best of fun

His Blood!

His blood is flowing all over my soul
With His grace and mercy ever untold
He will never leave me here all alone
I can call to Him without using a phone

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming with a rush
Little children just won't hush

Crying, sighing and making a fuss

Clarence Prince Quotes

17 November 2014

Closeness to God will bring out the blessings of God for one's own good.

17 November 2014

One that fears God has all to gain and nothing to lose, hence fearing God is the key to a successful life.

17 December 2014

To have received superior benefits from God: one has to be a believer in God; for if one doesn't believe in the Lord, such a one is a deceiver unto one's own self.

27 April 2015

A human's life, a life is only a life whilst it's being alive, but a life without God, it can seem to be alive and yet it's dead, but with God, one lives forever.

04 June 2015

'To go somewhere speed you may need, but He who knows the way is the one to go after. Go after Jesus, He is the Light, the Life and the Way.'

Clarence Prince Comments

Bri Edwards 18 September 2017

a good man. and a good poet. RIP, alive or dead.

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Chinedu Dike 11 February 2017

Writing for the edification and adoration of our Lord is the hallmark of ingenuity. Remain blessed Clarence.

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Roy Allen 11 March 2012

Good poetry depicting a strong faith and conviction.

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