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There is nothing quite like life
In cheerful time it is life
In sorrowful time it is life
When the weather's bright it is life

Autumn's Breeze

The breeze will help trees
To get rid of many leaves

There is much more to life
Than just to watch, it diminishes away
Life's ordains, for everyone to enjoy it rightly
Mingles with much love, and the best of fun

His blood is flowing all over my soul
With His grace and mercy ever untold
He will never leave me here all alone
I can call to Him without using a phone

Christmas is coming with a rush
Little children just won't hush

Crying, sighing and making a fuss

It can be fun to have a little fun
If good fun is coming you shouldn't run
Having harmless fun is fair exercise
Then go and have a little fun but be wise


Life is like a beautiful rose
There is no cause to suppose
It doesn't comes to stay
With time it will fades away

Fairness where these days can it be found
It takes wings and flees to end of the world
It goes because it couldn't work for the poor
It won't come back for the rich closes the door

There are mothers here
There are mothers there
There are mothers near
And there are mothers far

I am Something
I met up with Nothing
He wasn't hard to find
I asked him what he was doing


Salvation Road begins as Credit View Road ends
If your life needs a change come to Salvation Road

It can come quickly
It can go swiftly

It's quite slippery

Put trust in Him All The Way
Seeing as this is a new day
Give the Lord thanks I'd say
Once you are not in the grave laid

It's good to give thanks to father everyday
For how hard he works teaching life's way

In a household a father's duty is to teach

‘Twas on a hill far away
Like on this special day

The day we call Good Friday

I can’t see clearly any more
I can’t think nearly as before
I can’t speak plainly any more
I can’t walk as strongly as before

As we wake up each day
Some of us without delay
Will thank the Lord for another day
And seek His help along the way

This happened unto a couple many years ago
When Eve should’ve refused but didn’t say no
Instead she yielded to Satan’s sinful device
Next they both defied God’s Holy advice

A sour lemon tree flower attracts the bee
While its fruit is bitter not so its flower
White is its flower sweet and very pretty
Only the fruit is bitter and that's just a pity

Merry Christmas to every one
Before long it'll be gone
Though for some it is a worry
Do naught to make you sorry

Clarence Prince Biography

Simply, not much to say other than what’s here: I am a god-fearing person. I was born and raised at Lemon Hall, in St Catherine Jamaica, W1. I have lived for many years in the UK. Now I am living here in Canada. I am a retired man and I am enjoying every day of it. I have worked hard in the past, but the good Lord has kept me through it all. Plus, He also helped me to raise a family. Then for all His goodness to me, I find it right to fear Him. And so, I write religious books, stories, poems, and articles. Yes! Whatever I set out to do, you’ll notice that godliness is within it, in order to encourage others to follow the Lord. My books are written to point people to God. My poems are more like some sorts sermons too. Really, I write with a hope that I might help people to try and seek the Lord and to make better of their lives. I believe in God and so I have to believe in all of His promises. Then me, learning more about how He promises to supply us with all our needs; as long as, we will live and obey Him; it gives me the urge to say to others, verbally, or in writing; take up a godly lifestyle, and live in hope of His many blessings. Furthermore, it’s my opinion that God will take care of all who will fear Him. Bearing down upon His words, with Him there is mercy and grace. That’s partly why, I am so hopeful that writing in this way, it may help people to live their lives more peaceful and comfortable. They just have to consider this: God’s will for all is, that all should enjoy a fair life at present; and then, in the end, a hope of eternal-life. If you get my books you can read more; they are at or at on line book stores everywhere…. For whatever I write a fair comment will always be accepted.)

The Best Poem Of Clarence Prince

Life, It's Precious!

There is nothing quite like life
In cheerful time it is life
In sorrowful time it is life
When the weather's bright it is life
When the weather's gloomy it is life
Life hasn't any given time
This life is not forever
Live it well it's precious

There is nothing quite like life
Everyone should live it right
No one should consider it light
No one should live it slight
It travels fast day and night
Life hasn't any given time
This life is not forever
Live it well it's precious

There is nothing quite like life
With a wife it is life
With a husband it is life
With children it is life
Just being alone it is life
Life hasn't any given time
This life is not forever
Live it well it's precious

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Clarence Prince Comments

Bri Edwards 18 September 2017

a good man. and a good poet. RIP, alive or dead.

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Chinedu Dike 11 February 2017

Writing for the edification and adoration of our Lord is the hallmark of ingenuity. Remain blessed Clarence.

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Roy Allen 11 March 2012

Good poetry depicting a strong faith and conviction.

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Clarence Prince Quotes

Closeness to God will bring out the blessings of God for one's own good.

One that fears God has all to gain and nothing to lose, hence fearing God is the key to a successful life.

To have received superior benefits from God: one has to be a believer in God; for if one doesn't believe in the Lord, such a one is a deceiver unto one's own self.

A human's life, a life is only a life whilst it's being alive, but a life without God, it can seem to be alive and yet it's dead, but with God, one lives forever.

'To go somewhere speed you may need, but He who knows the way is the one to go after. Go after Jesus, He is the Light, the Life and the Way.'

Keep the faith, if God was one for a cup of tea or coffee, today, I would give it unto Him; but tea or coffee is for a person, all God needs is my faithfulness!

'The Bible declared that faith is something hoping for, but its not yet seen; in that case, blessed is the hopeless person, who even in his states hopelessness kept the faith in God, hoping for satisfaction to his lowly soul one day.'

'The way is strait and with burden that brings on weight; but God is good, and he/she that seeks Him faithfully the same shall obtain, His grace, mercy and eternai life.'

'The true God, is a living God, He is my God, who can counsel Him, there's no man good enough, hence He works alone and like it or not, what He does is right'

'One easy way to help sustain life is by spreading God's word; for only in the word of God, there is guide for man's life now and hereafter! '

Wherever the fear of the Lord doesn't soundly abound, neither will the love for others nor harmony for the world, shall rest or abound.

'Hope gives support unto anyone whose heart is fixed upon God's compassion for such a one's future; keep the faith, it's better to live with a hope, than to be living hopelessly'

'Who, or How to believe, if God says something without hesitation, we must believe Him! But whenever man says something, we ought to give it a great deal of thinking, only God's word is trustworthy'

'Just as day gives way to the night, and as the night gives way to the light of each morning, so should a human gives way to love, justice, peace and righteousness'

'The world is getting more dark and wicked, man knows not what to do, hopefully the word of God like a candle it'll light up again, there is a need for God's word to guide man back to righteousness.'

'Store up God's words within your heart, where they will never depart, so when in need you can recall words of hope to lean upon'

Whenever a daring emotion comes along unto you, first you should consider the consequence; before it enhances your spirit into do what you shouldn't do, brace yourself against such a feeling.

We must entice faith into our lives, and with a little endurance, so that hope can merge and urge God's mercies upon us.

Friends and followers, let's not forget that JESUS is the reason for Christmas, and let's all thank God who had sent Him to heal us from our sins.

Life, In the midst of disappointments, anguish, worries, and obscurity, there is hope for us all; we just need to be strong in faith, God Is Good, He is giver of life!

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Clarence Prince Popularity

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