A Collage For Max Ernst Poem by Alexandre Nodopaka

A Collage For Max Ernst

Rating: 2.7

I'm glad you decided to paste art
The way you did but do not plan
To tell me how to do mine
Since I can't live through yours
But I'll be doing a few gluings
Somewhat like you did yours
By chewing flour and

Make paste without haste
Lick it on scissored papyri cutouts
Align my DNA a spit at a time
And the only thing I'll worry about
Is not to slice my throat
On account that paper cuts are
More painful than death by sniffing glue

Now I sense my lips sufficiently tacky
To seal the ending of this stanza
By decoupaging a hula dancer
Enticing me and a Jesus
Sandwiched between lava lamps
Into an unholy non-Euclidian trinity
And to glue them in a hyperbolic geometry

A la Nikolai Lobatchevsky who claimed
More than one parallel through a point
And a line in space and how
Omar Khayam proved that to find
A right triangle having the property for
The hypotenuse to equal the sum of one
Leg plus the altitude of the hypotenuse.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009
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