A Compasssionate Heart Poem by Yasmin Khan

A Compasssionate Heart

Rating: 5.0

A heart compassionate and gracious
Is an oyster with a pearl so precious
And is never alone in loneliness
Will always be rich even with no wealth
It's luster of love and empathy
That shines around as peace and harmony
Tears shed for the poor and the ailing
Are like rain-drop off the leaves, dripping
Refreshing and soothing the heart and soul
Dew-drops that brighten the faces in gloom

Ken E Hall 10 August 2013

Very true words indeed with a perfect last line, Dew-drops that brighten the faces in gloom...compassion the ticket to heaven...luvli poem...regards

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Heather Wilkins 02 August 2013

a compassionate heart is a loving heart. excellent write

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Allemagne Roßmann 29 April 2013

I eavesdropped in the raindrops pitter-patter and the whish-whoosh windy aura of the poetry.

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Saadat Tahir 22 January 2013

nice rhyme scheme, moves in a fluid manner. great message, fervent and in itself compassionate... written with a tender heart and all the feelings of empathy and sympathy... and that is precisely a very highly developed human trait. liked reading...thanx

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Hazel Durham 22 January 2013

So true, I firmly believe what goes around comes around, so to be pure in heart is like a sunbeam being your constant companion! !

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