Exclusive News Poem by Yasmin Khan

Exclusive News

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Sunday morning, I switch
on to the news app
to listen to the exclusive
news over a cup of coffee.
Ah! words distressing,
hurtful, wound the senses.
Smoke and ashes
Swirl in the airs,
Flowers and birds
Crushed, killed all,
Gardens is hurt and it bleeds,
Little birds with wings burnt,
Cry and shrill in the searing winds.
Backpacks, notebooks smolder.
Little angels now will never reach
their school as death's taken
its toll on the poor once again.

At least 15 children were killed in a school van gas cylinder blast that took place in Gujrat (Pakistan)
Brian Johnston 31 December 2013

I swear I have so many questions for God! This is the first poem of yours that I have read and I now look forward to reading them all. I look forward to return visit from you as well. To me it's almost impossible to understand such tragedies. The only way I can avoid anger is to remind myself we (you and I) are incapable of understanding God's perspective on this kind of issue. Right now the only good i can see is your poem... Many people may be touched. But surely something more is required to balance the scale!

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Geetha Jayakumar 21 August 2013

Beautiful poem Jasmine.. Its too painful when we see such tragic news..but each day one or the happens and we hear it...we can just pray, may their soul rest in peace. Wonderful poem and each lines are well written.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 22 June 2013

O death where is thy sting....JK I always think and shrink within my thought and fall sick.You have brought out the fact with knitting nicely that must touch the heart and mind Nature's game, now here at Uttarakhand (I am staying here as posted) Thousands of dead body all round you must be going through the NEWS well writ poem

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Valsa George 06 June 2013

When innocents are snatched away untimely, it leaves a deep scar! Often tears roll down my eyes when I go through the newspaper, reporting such incidents of mass casualty of school children! A moving write! !

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Shahzia Batool 05 June 2013

Senses wounded Smoke and ashes Swirl in the city Flowers and birds Crushed and killed tragedy is captured and tears are shared! ! !

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Liza Sudina 13 March 2017

Yes, we live like in Hell.

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Khalida Bano Ali 25 December 2014

a heart touching poem.................10

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 14 July 2014

Tears rolls down your cheeks, cos you are a human, a human with a difference. How many others read the same news that you read? Do they also shed tears like you? I doubt. Many of us shed tears like you, cos, as you say how many innocents like flowers, birds, swans, angels and so on are being crushed in to dust by the so called liberators in the name of freedom, justice and what not? Worse than they, are the ones who instigate conflicts, encourage systems to continue conflicts and spread conflicts, not for nothing, but for their own selfish gains. Let us all rise against them. Great thinking, YK.

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Akhtar Jawad 01 April 2014

An impressive poem indeed.

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Muhammad Ali 01 January 2014

may we have courage to speak the truth. and may we have courage to admit what we are. and where we stand. we all.

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