A Compliment. Poem by PAUL COLVIN

A Compliment.

All I do is tell the truth and pay the ladies heed
A lift is what most women want when they’re in time of need.
Time and need it has no place, for ladies, I have found
Anytime of day will do, for praise, now that’s profound.

Treat them well and show respect, don’t ever, ever scorn
Cos when she lashes back at you, you’d wish you weren’t born.
That razor tongue flies out so fast, her words cut you to shreds
You’ll be so dizzy dodging these, you’ll feel like you’ve two heads.

It gets so loud, her mouth’s on fire but you can’t hear a word,
That thunderous voice, it bellows out and she looks so absurd.
She wags her finger, stands fast with fist then points it straight at you
And then a smirk, comes on your face, the last thing you should do.

It’s fever time, her party time, this act she knows so well
Her neck veins pop, her shoulders roll, she’s going to give you hell.
The swaying hips, the shaking legs, the puffed out chest, the lot.
You stand in awe, your mouth agog as she gives you all she’s got.

So when confronted by a woman, it’s your choice what you do
But please take note of what I say and avoid a big to-do.
Say something nice, she’ll blush, say thanks and gently walk away
You’ll make her day, save your street cred, because of what you say.

Rachel Butler 26 October 2011

'Anytime of day will do, for praise, now that’s profound' RAB

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Shadow Girl 16 October 2011

LMFAO...this is cute, hilarious..and too true...BRILLIANCE is Paul Colvin! ! ! SG x

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