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Last night she walked into my world,
her touch so soft, so sure,
last night she reached across the mile,
and whispered such sweet a word,

My Heart
a frozen door
closed by the hands of greed

To many hours spent upon the road,
my return, a most lonely entrance,
times separation has left empty space,
leaving need of wanting eminence.

And in love of all
arms shall wrap holding thee deep
and yee shall have dance

In presence of the multitude,
I have shown barring no gift,
For what hath I worth thy child......

Falling, like raindrops from the sky,
Touching every emotion, every sense,
Bringing dead cells back to life,
Gently invoking that crazed twinge,

The depth of a woman's heart,
contains such mystic fervidness,
unknown to the common touch,
visioned as the oceans vastness.

Like the feel of silk upon skin
that shivers to the bone
and penetrates the core of my being
she has reached me once again

Full moon
Of morn's air
Stars high
Take your share

In the cool air of late September,
the change of season has brought,
A breeze of whispered words serenade,
and the Love of my souls taunt

'Twas early morn' of destiny
on the run of delivery
moth'r nature gave me her kiss
an' filled my morn' with such bliss

Is in this truth

In mirrors reflection I see,
the many impurities imparted within,
and the many a times I have failed thee.
Forgive me my Lady true,

In vision of clarities dream,
a shape of ghost-like image,
and the impressionable feelings of rain.

It was early morning/Mid-July
My heart was hurting/wanted to cry,
I took a stroll/down to corners cafe'
my soul was screaming/her heart gone to play

My dearest and closest friend,
So many is a time you and I
Talked upon the whispered winds
And you have silently listened

Deep entrancement,
The moment of truth,
The question.....can I,
The dare.....step forth....

Rest thine head upon pillows dream,
An' release thine anguish of thy day,
I shalt sit here ever beside thee,
'Til waves of slumber has taken away,

How, in such moment of time,
Doth thou come unto me,
Delivering such colours radiance,
Liken unto the falls of Niagara,

Unburden thy heart oh fair Lady
We shall enlighten things gone shady
Let us talk and walk a mile
I like your snicker when you smile

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Just influencal thought releasing upon the bed of page......)

The Best Poem Of Geoff Warden

A Night Forever! !

Last night she walked into my world,
her touch so soft, so sure,
last night she reached across the mile,
and whispered such sweet a word,

Last night she braved the unknown,
and danced with me a stranger,
Last night she took my hand,
showing me no danger.

Last night she touched me deep,
my spirit has been set free,
last night she was miles away,
yet I felt her here with me.

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Jerry Hughes 08 February 2007

It's extremely hard to isolate Geoff Warden's writing for comment, so let me use an Oz colloquailsm in description, 'this bloke's a ball-tearer! '

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Kristin Davis 25 November 2006

I present to you a poet that speaks from the heart, Geoff Warden! *nods* If you're looking for heart-wrenching poems that will reach out and grab your breath and make you want more, than you have come to the right place! Dear Geoff, my friend, my prayer warrior, my P.H. gangster, let me be one to support you in every penning that you put forth, whether it be of new or of old, those of us that write from the center of our soul (our hearts) are those that bind the rest of the PH pages together! Keep up the awesome work and know that you're in my thoughts and prayers as well! Thank you for being YOU! ~HUGS~ Love~N~Honor, Kristin!

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