Francis Duggan

A Cowardly Man - Poem by Francis Duggan

George W Bush you gutless bloke what sort of a man are you
To any sort of principle you never could be true
Whilst others fight and die for you under guard you hide away
You cannot walk out like a free man in the bright light of day.

To those who say how great you are I only can ask why
Because of you and you alone so many have to die?
'Twas you who heeded the decision for to go to war you heeded the wrong advice
You won a dubious Election sometimes people do make the wrong choice.

George W Bush you are a cowardly man that much of you we know
You've started war but any courage you do not seem to show
You are the one with the lion's roar and the heart of a mouse
You hide behind the guarded doors quite safe in the White House.

Napoleon led his men to war and others he did inspire
And though men of war do not appeal to me for that him I admire
And the last Celtic king in battle died his name was Brian Boru
At least by their actions they backed their words that cannot be said of you.

A coward is all that you are George just that and nothing more
You've caused great suffering and death and lots of needless gore
By you trying to re-write history you gave us fear instead
And the poor of Kabul and Baghdad left to mourn for their dead

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 17, 2008

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