A Cry Of An Orphan Poem by Preston Mwiinga

A Cry Of An Orphan

Death O Death, where is your your sting. You have visited my family when we were not ready for you.
You have taken our my parents leaving me with no one to care for me.
I once lived as a happy person but now all that is gonen I'm only left with memories. My nights are nothing but a night mare. When I remember my parents, I break down to cry

My destiny is not known, My life is empty. I feel all alone in a world full of hate. I have failed to fit in as families are only are only engulfed as as families.
I have no one to call mum or dad. O death why are you so cruel, why did you decide to take away my Parents. Leaving me as an orphan and total stranger

Facing this world alone, is very hard
Without someone to hold your hand
To guide you through success and failures
Who is going to carter for my tuition fees?
Who's going to hold my hand?
Who is going to take care of me when I'm sick?
Who is going to give me the hope of getting better?

I have no one telling me a bed time story when going to bed there's no one to give me a good night hug.
No one to give a good night kiss
when I wake up in the morning, no parent to tell me breakfast is ready.

No one to help me with house chores
I am a parent of my on, striving hard to put food on my table.
I am just but an orphan,
No mother or father to call my own
No one to comfort me when I cry
I'm all alone until I die

I miss being loved.
My mother why can't you wake up even for a second and cook for me my favorite dish?
My father why don't up arise even for day you teach me how to survive.
Without you, I am a weak vessel.

All I want is someone to love me
Someone to guide me and to help me
Am I asking too much?
Or is it just that no one wants me
I am but just an Orphan.

Saturday, September 10, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: death,orphan,pain
O’Brian makondo 11 December 2019

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