I Am In Love With An Albino Girl Poem by Preston Mwiinga

I Am In Love With An Albino Girl

My life has become like the theater, Lusaka play house. Where you take me for Bob mkosha.
My activities are that of public interest busy watching them like you are watching a new movie on the big screen at fresh-view cinema and eating popcorn navima freezit vo dula.
On twitter I have few followers but in reality so many.
You have forgotten all those important tasks you have just to study my life.
I wonder what qualification you will obtain for idol standing.
All your actions are because I am in love with an Albino girl.
She showers my face with the deserved happiness.
The so called cute tease me into leaving her claiming they they are cute and that a cute guy like me deserves best, but I say No because beauty lies in the beholder. She is my beauty and I am the beholder.
God created her, molded her from my rib and confirmed she was beautiful because that is God's reflection on the mirror.
She loves me more than you can understand and I cherish her more than you can mention it.
You tease me that she has spots on the face, well listen to me the very spots are my formula for loving her, they are natural and beautiful.
I am in love with an albino girl because that is where my taste and my touch is.
What we have entered is the chikubabe season because we are attracted to each other like a magnet.
Here is a little secret if you thought you can separate us, then go ask fish and water.
Otherwise I am deeply in love with an albino

I Am In Love With An Albino Girl
Friday, November 10, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Fog Runner 13 November 2017

Intelligently confident and resolutely emotive; this writing comes from spiritual depth.

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Fog Runner 14 November 2017

You're very welcome, Preston. It's a privilege to read your dignified thoughts.

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Preston Mwiinga 14 November 2017

Thanx a lot Fog. I am so humbled it is from the heart for sure

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Kumarmani Mahakul 10 November 2017

Deep love builds amazing relationship. Wise sharing is done here.10

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Preston Mwiinga 11 November 2017

Thank you so much Sir, I very much appreciate. it is true deep love conquers all obstacles

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