Preston Mwiinga Poems

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Wipe Away Your Tears

Why is life so cruel, why is life this unfair, why it so harsh, but why does it seem as though my prayers don't reach to the heavens, do I really deserve to be treated like a leper amongst the Jews, calling me unclean despising and disputing and you leave me in despair. Where did I go wrong to deserve this treatment? Am I cursed to always wear a frown? And never to smile for long. The people around me seem to care about my cares but when they are away from me they bite me worse than a lion can do so I call them back biters. The many smiles that I receive look so captivating and shiny but they lack one thing and that thing is happiness instead they just leave me with multiplied sorrows what a world I live in.

My world feels empty, desolate without shape and void. Nothing seems to make sense to me; I sleep with sorrow and work up with it in the morning. Just at the moment when all was getting better in my life, this guy called disease comings swiftly, softly and shifting it takes away my most treasured possession, the apple of my sight the source of my happiness, the one who has been behind my success, ‘‘mama'' she dies before am established and leaves me in a state worthy calling a beggar. Friends I trusted so much, the people I thought would fight stand beside me, were actually wolves in sheep clothing so they make a choir to laugh at my failures and exaggerate my mistakes, putting them on a microscope and magnifying them by 1000x.
This is my life and now am full of frustration because of this flirtation during the duration of stagnation in muddy, shallow and dirty water. I have tried t to put myself to be putting me in a reverse gear. I now retire because am tired of pursuing dreams that just remain dreams am now forced to get relief from kantobo and his brothers because spin last spinned around so now just sing the song red wine, red red red wine. The fruit I once so much condemned the tender plant dearly by jah men. Prostitutes have become a part of my life so the little I make in day-day workings I give them to use for the needs so they respond positively to my desire. Thug life now is what defines me, I dress scantly with tattoos all over my body. As though I was not a follower of Christ but now my life is nothing to talk about, my past has been grasped in a moment of grief and anger.

Why Have You Become A Prostitute My Wife?

When I got you, you were that village girl who was so beautiful though naive in your ways of life.
I was ready to love you because you were my parents best choice for me.
The more time I spent with you, My love grew like a tree planted in a fertile land.
I bathed you with treated water and and put ointments on you. I clothed you with an embroidered dress written on it, ‘I stole your heart' and put sandals of fine leather on you.

You In My Heart.

I am loving the best, and I am proud.
I may delay in telling you I love you,
I may delay in publicizing our love on the social media.
Your friends may think i do not better plans for you.

I Am In Love With An Albino Girl

My life has become like the theater, Lusaka play house. Where you take me for Bob mkosha.
My activities are that of public interest busy watching them like you are watching a new movie on the big screen at fresh-view cinema and eating popcorn navima freezit vo dula.
On twitter I have few followers but in reality so many.
You have forgotten all those important tasks you have just to study my life.

I Know I Am Black

Ine skiny yanga niija ya black,
Sisi zanga niza black.
Elo namansapato yanga naeve niya black.
But I am so proud to be born of a black skin.

Early Marriages Bleeding My Heart

The government saw defilement in her
Her guardians saw great capital to enrich their family
Her teachers saw a powerful lawyer in her,
The sugar daddy saw a potential teen wife in her


The words of my mother echoed in my ears reminding me of the how cruel the world can be if you allow some women to use you.
She said to me,
'Mwana wandi Kuli Delaila! Iwe walalila kwati wa baela when she milks the Naira from you.'

Hiv And Aids

HIV and your friend Aids, whilst working together you have terrorized my saul. You have made me an outcast in the society. You have brought segregation to my life.
Those that claimed to love me have deserted me my life has become so dry like the Sahara desert.
My life is flooded with problems like the floods behind the Tsunami causing a lot of harm than good.
You have disfigured my body causing it to have a lot of potholes. My face has shrunk like I am that ablution block that has been emptied by a sewerage tanker.

The Day Has Come

The day lelo has come,
Vaushimbe ine vasila kabili lelo nakwitila.
Namupeza mukazi wapanyumba and I call my running mate.
Day yanga yachikwati, nalemba yachizungu ija diary come on everyone celebrate with me because today is my happy day.

Albinism Is Never A Curse! !

Each and every moment I walk in fear because I do not know who will take away my life.
It is not like I am a fugitive No! But because I am an albino,
Some do not even want to seat next to me,
Eating with me is like they are feeding on vomit,

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