A Day To Be Remembered Poem by Charles Garcia

A Day To Be Remembered

Its a holiday for most, I work hard its time
to play, where shall we go on our holiday.
To relax in the sun or sea, I work for this
day, and reserve the rights to play,
But the truth is: This is a sad day far
sadder than you think, many lives, have been
sacrificed just for you to be free.
This memorial day, So many service men are gone
only to be remembered by their love ones.
and forgoten by a few,

Most of us that brought this about are gone,
remembered by so very few,
For this is about world war1. world war 11,
we build memorials for all to see,
The Vets of Korea, Vietnam, their markers
to remind us of their sacrifices overseas,
To be recognized today, tomorrow, and forever.
Their spirits leave them but hopefully not forgoten,
we are reminded this day to be set aside for to remind us
of their sacrifice hopefuly never to be forgoten,
Spend your holidays with family and friends.
Please don't forget us, We shall remain forever more,
Headstones on the green.

Copyright ©2003
Charles Garcia

Greenwolfe 1962 22 February 2008

Thank you Charles, and don't forget to thank the others someday. When you meet them once again; tell them you wrote this poem, and tell them someone read it. Tell them, he understood what it said. Tell them; that at least for one day, one man remembered and said, 'thank you '.

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