A Debt Repaid Years Later Poem by Charles Chaim Wax

A Debt Repaid Years Later

Rating: 4.6

I dragged myself to the train station
and when I arrived
I was surprised to see
five police cars blocking Sheepshead Bay Road,
and about twenty cops
standing in front of Dunkin’ Donuts
holding back a crowd.
I pressed forward
to see
but couldn’t wiggle my way up front
so I turned to a guy
on my right and asked, “What’s going on? ”
He was short and thin
and his body tilted to the left.
“You carrying? ” he asked.
“What? ”
“They’re rounding up
all known drug suspects in Brooklyn
biggest Dragnet
since the French Connection.” He paused,
then again asked, “You carrying? ”
“What? ”
“Dump it
only chance you got
there’s undercover narcs
planted every place
see that guy in the dry cleaning store
a narc
in the bagel place
two narcs
dump it
cause if you ain’t carrying
they can’t do nothing
it’s on the floor
let ‘em prove it’s your stash.”
“Who’s in Dunkin’ Donuts? The methadone junkies? ”
“They’re finished
you still got a chance
dump it
then walk away and whistle a merry tune.”
“I only have Rolaids, ” I said.
“Never heard of it
some kinda new coke from Costa Rica?
Be careful
that cop’s lookin’ straight at you
dump it, my friend
but don’t walk fast
a sure give away.”
This guy’s a nut
I said myself, then whispered,
“I put Costa Rican LSD
in the Rolaid tablets
cooked up a batch last night
dropped a dropp on each pink pill
then wrapped ‘em up again
so they’ll never catch me.”
“5140, ” he suddenly yelled.
To make a long story short
this lunatic
tried to arrest me
but the guy
in charge of the operation
happened to be
a former student
who said when he saw me,
“Bernstein, my hero.”
Well, I had helped
the youngster out
by giving him an A+
on a composition
filled with errors
when he had
no confidence himself
and said my benevolent
turned his life around
from dropp out
to first grade
protecting all
good citizens
from harm.

R H 17 March 2006

Pacy and gritty, an enjoyable read. Kind regards, justine.

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Otradom Pelogo 11 January 2006

Hi Charles, Enjoyed the juant from one end to the other, and exciting also. Read a couple of others on the way out, trying to go to the gym and get back into the groove of things, and was glad for a mind opening adventure. Thanks.

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Mary Nagy 10 January 2006

You have a wonderful way of putting us there with you Charles. This was stressful, exciting, funny, and heartwarming all at the same time. Great poem. Sincerely, mary

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Lucy Burrow 10 November 2005

Wow, that really had me gripped! an intriguing story with a great twist. I liked it. Regards, Lucy

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Simon Whild 05 November 2005

A compelling narrative. An amusing social satire that paints the scene with economic brush-strokes of colour with a good narrative push. I like the subtle rhymes and the wonderful twist at the end. A good slice of life.

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