A Day In The Life Of An Aspiring Transvestite Poem by Charles Chaim Wax

A Day In The Life Of An Aspiring Transvestite

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Tired of typing gibberish
on a rainy Sunday
I journeyed to Brooklyn’s famous
Kings Plaza Mall
and wandered
until Victoria’s Secret blazed before me
the placed packed with yearning women
and then I spotted a tall Transvestite prancing
into a Dressing Room
I waited for the howl
but heard not a peep from anyone
and five minutes later he pranced out.
“If he can so can I.”
So selected a tent like leather bikini
and held it up before me
twirling around twice
next I frolicked to cosmetics
where I purchased a red Max Factor lipstick
then smeared the smooth tip across my quivering lips
finally I stepped to wigs
where a kindly woman
gently slipped a blonde one on me.
“Just want to see
how it looks with this, ” I said.
pointed to the leather bikini.
“Stunning, ” she exclaimed,
“and how lucky can a girl be!
we only began carrying
the full figured line two months ago.”
I whispered, “The beard,
well, a genetic difficulty...”
“Don’t say another world, ” she sighed.
I paraded into the Dressing Room
and counted three completely nude women
and seven semi-nude women
posing before mirrors.
Legs trembling I mumbled
“Such beauty”
when I felt a tap
on my shoulder.
I slowly turned
and saw
a short Transvestite wearing
a pale rose satin slip who asked,
“Whatta ya think, angel? ”
“Absolutely and thoroughly

G. Murdock 19 December 2005

This caused some ruckus! Great piece Charles. Reminded me of a scene in Bukowski's short story 'Vengeance of the Damned', but without all the violence....a shopping spree indeed!

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Diana Newsome 07 December 2005

I love it....brazen and brave! What a wonderful sense of humor you have. We should all step out of our selves for just a day and experiment life in a different way. Inspiring and funny.

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Mary Nagy 21 November 2005

Oh my gosh! ! Here's one more reason I hate shopping! Very funny poem Charles! Hilarious. sincerely, Mary

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Jon Edward 21 November 2005

I laugh and laugh and laugh, this was by far one of my favorite from you. I've gotta try this, if you can, and he can, then too, I can.

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