A Dialogue Iii: A Man Is A Man

Woman: Mark, do you love me?

Man: Define ‘love'

W: What do you think it means?

M: Oh, I know this. Love means never having to say you're sorry

W: Wait a second, didn't we just see 'Love Story' last week?

M: Bummer of an ending, no?

W: Yeah, it…hey, that's not the point! You took that line from the movie!

M: What, so I can't use it? I didn't know there were any rules

W: First of all, it's a ridiculous line. Second, even if it weren't, how do you explain never apologizing to me for anything before hearing it?

M: Maybe I instinctively knew it. Did you ever think about that?

W: I've always apologized to you when I've done something wrong!

M: Well, maybe you don't love me, then

W: How come you haven't committed to me yet? Explain that

M: Ah, babe, you know I'm kinda nervous about the whole committment thing after the hell I went through with my ex. You know these things take time

W: That was four years ago!

M: What is four years in the grand scheme of things?

W: Suddenly I'm dating an existentialist. Whatever. But you do love me, right?

M: Of course, you know I do

W: Do I? Name some things you love about me

M: Easy: your passion.

W: Really? Aw, that's sweet

M: Yup…I've never been with someone as passionate as you in bed

W: Wow, I should have seen that coming. Ok, so I'm good in bed. What else?

M: No one prepares a poker table like you do. The guys always marvel at the arrangement

W: Putting out the refreshments is an ‘arrangement? '

M: And a beautiful arrangment, at that. Oh, and you always make sure the house smells good. I really love that. What is it, Apple Spice Febreze?

W: So I'm basically a maid that sleeps with you, is that what you're saying?

M: Oh, boy, here we go again. Listen, if you weren't happy, you wouldn't be here, would you?

W: Je ne sais pas

M: Come again?

W: It's French for ‘I don't know'

M: Since when do you know French?

W: Since last year! You picked me up from classes, remember? !

M: I thought that was pottery. You sure it was French?

W: Am I sure? ! Your sister took pottery in camp…seven years ago!

M: Oh, that's right. She was good, too

W: Listen, I'm going to bed. If you can't find one good reason why I should stay with you by morning, I'm just packing my stuff and leaving

M: Ok, I understand. So, wait, does that mean no sex tonight?

Brandon Owens 21 June 2010

I've read many more of your poems(but not all) and I would have to say this is my favorite. Although your other poems are mostly well written with different rhythm many stick to an end rhyme scheme. This one is marvelous in the way it is so free. It's not simply a conversation, but a very cleverly written and humorous piece. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing.

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Yoni Assis 19 June 2010

Thanks, Sherri! ! Unfortunately, it is true, but not about every man. I'm the guy in the A Woman Is a Woman piece: / This is the first time I've come across you here...are there any particular pieces of yours you'd like me to read?

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Sherri Coulter 19 June 2010

very funny/witty/true! ! ! 10 for you! ! ! ! !

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