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I write poetry that is for the most part pretty deep and reflective, or so I would like to think. You can't just read one of my pieces, because if you do that you won't get the full effect. Some of the poems are extremely inter-related, but yet can stand alone. So if you're still reading this you want to know more. I, at one point in my life, w ...

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Amrit Rathi 06 May 2010

You have great style of writing, carefree, yet very logical!

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Victoria Ayres 06 May 2010

Hmm, to comment soley on your poetry wouldn't do you decency. So I shall comment on YOU. You have been through alot, and it comes out in your writing. All of the goods and bads you have been through have found a place on paper. You have a truley unique writing syle, and I hope you never change it. You are a very good poet, and I look forward to seeing more from you.

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The Best Poem Of Brandon Owens

Why I Love You

The planets travel around the sun
And the moon around the earth
The stars shine bright in the sky
Because this is how it all works
So how can you ask me why
When it is simply my nature

Would you ask my heart to stop
Or my lungs to quit breathing
You could try telling the ocean
To stop its heaving and hoing
I'm sure these will keep going
So I will continue on loving

You can tear apart a mountain
But the pieces are still there
I still remember it with care
Time is the record of change
Yet the laws of the universe
Will always stay the same

That is why I love you
And nothing you can do
Will ever change the truth

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Brandon Owens Popularity

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