A Dog's Diet Poem by Angela Wybrow

Angela Wybrow

Salisbury, Wilts, UK

A Dog's Diet

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Against my will, I've been put on a diet,
But it is a fact which I'd rather keep quiet;
The more that people remain unaware,
Their food with me, they will happily share.

About this news, I am less than impressed:
In fact, it's left me feeling pretty depressed.
My situation has shaken me right to my core:
Against these diets, there should be a law!

I just love eating food; I adore all sorts;
Food is a subject never far from my thoughts.
I'm now given one biscuit - I used to have two,
And now I only have half of a doggie rice chew.

I keep being told that I need to get thinner;
That I can't have a treat, as I've just had my dinner.
On packets, I've spied the term ‘weight controlled':
A term which makes my blood run quite cold.

Next to the table, I patiently wait,
Hoping for some food from the plate.
But it's not as forthcoming as it was before:
For me, this diet is becoming a really big bore.

The vet has assessed the weight I've put on,
And the extra pounds, she clearly wants gone.
With the vet, I will soon have a date,
To discover if I have lost any weight.

With my weight, I am far from obsessed,
And I really do wish they'd give this diet a rest.
Surely this diet won't go on for ever?
At this rate, I'll end up as light as a feather!

Smaller portions are being put in my bowl,
And this will continue until I've reached the goal.
I suppose it could be good to reach the goal,
As then I can return to my portions of old!

Monday, August 7, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: dogs,food,health,pets
Lamar Cole 07 August 2017

Very delightful poem about a dog's diet.

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Angela Wybrow

Salisbury, Wilts, UK
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