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It's twilight.
The sun escorts the moon to the night.
The sun sleeps, the wind howls.
My sweetheart smiles.


He remembered when he had it all.
When his head wasn't so bald.
He remembered how she use to run her hands through his hair.
But now there is nothing there.

A great beauty has passed from this life.
Of good times and sometimes toil and strife.
Some will say that she went to a better place.
Look at the blue sky or a white cloud, you will still see her face.

If wolves could sing.
They would do their thing.
They would sing about chasing deer.
And never having any fear.

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When he was young, he use to look forward to a basketful of thrills.
Now he only looks forward to a basketful of pills.
He takes a pill for this and a pill for that.
Sometimes he feels like a lab rat.

He had searched for his true love high and low.
He might forever be alone, this he did not know.
But it must have been fate.
Him asking her out on a date.

If a genie could grant me a wish.
I would love to feel again the heavenly bliss.
From the taste of your peppermint kiss.

Back in the fifties.
It seems like the air was cleaner.
The girls were prettier.
And the grass was greener.

Our love is written in the stars.
Illuminating the universe from Mercury to Mars.
Our love is floating in the sky.
Dancing above the clouds so high.

She was in such a rut.
She just wanted to go off to an island and live in a hut.
Spending time eating bananas and coconuts.
Palm trees and moonlit nights under a beautiful sky.

Some people must have thought that they were going insane.
Because Perry and his girlfriend were walking arm in arm in a heavy rain.
Perry's umbrella said to them why haven't you opened me up yet.
Then you two lovebirds wouldn't have to be all wet.

Even though Dean was wheelchair-bound.
He didn't let this get him down.
He loved to clown around.
And take trips downtown.

Darling, the path of our love has been very smooth.
Because in my heart you lit a fuse.
My soul never sings the blues.

Broken promises made her weep.
Promises that he failed to keep.
He promised to always be loving and true.
And that he would never do anything to make her blue.

She stands at the bus stop.
A strong wind blows off her pink Sunday hat.
She rushes to pick it up.
She trips and falls.

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He woke up from a frightening nightmare.
He dreamed that he was in an inner city street war.
Bullets were flying everywhere.
Killing people here and there.

He patted her on the butt.
She slapped him and called him fresh.
He thought how foolish he was to get into this mess.
Now he had to deal with human resources.


Brooke slips quietly into the night.
Looking for a little peace.
In pink shawl, she looks so small.
While the moon and night creatures call.

The Best Poem Of Lamar Cole

Autumn Chill

It's twilight.
The sun escorts the moon to the night.
The sun sleeps, the wind howls.
My sweetheart smiles.

Autumn chill,
Sweetheart's warm feel,
Sultry looks,
Heart be still.

Lamar Cole Comments

Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 01 October 2019

Lamar's poems are so realistic and beautiful. He has chosen two interesting subjects for his poems - Love and Humour. that makes his poems- A delight to read! God bless you, Lamar

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Robert Murray Smith 10 May 2018

Lamar, is a people's poet. He goes for the common touch. By that I mean your funny bone.

2 2 Reply
Rini Shibu 06 September 2017

Lamar you are key figure of humorous poems and romanticism.. Keep going

4 1 Reply
Doris Cornago 19 July 2017

You seem to me a very romantic poet. :)

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Lamar Cole Quotes

Love is a path to the heart that knows its own way.

A faithful and loving wife is the jewel of a marriage.

Love can still be like the sunrise in the twilight of a person's life.

True love can sometimes be like a desert flower. Surviving under the toughest conditions.

A first love always remains in a secret place in the heart.

A happy couple is the slam dunk of love.

Nothing gets more beautiful than the sunshine caressing the face of a sweetheart.

Love is the axis upon which a good love relationship spins.

Love is two people sipping Coca Cola from the same straw on a warm sunny day.

Just as a stapler will bind paper, love will bind people.

Love is the blueprint for happiness.

True love is dancing to a song only heard in the heart.

The heart is the refuge of love.

Two elderly people holding hands during an April shower is like a rainbow of love.

Educating oneself, through the reading of books, is the key to the liberation of the mind.

Reading is to the mind like running is to the body. If a person wants to exercise their mind, read a good book.

The flame is hottest to those still in the fire.

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Lamar Cole Popularity

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