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Autumn Chill

It's twilight.
The sun escorts the moon to the night.
The sun sleeps, the wind howls.
My sweetheart smiles.


He remembered when he had it all.
When his head wasn't so bald.
He remembered how she use to run her hands through his hair.
But now there is nothing there.

Wild Things

If wolves could sing.
They would do their thing.
They would sing about chasing deer.
And never having any fear.

Peppermint Kiss

If a genie could grant me a wish.
I would love to feel again the heavenly bliss.
From the taste of your peppermint kiss.

For Farrah (Fawcett)

A great beauty has passed from this life.
Of good times and sometimes toil and strife.
Some will say that she went to a better place.
Look at the blue sky or a white cloud, you will still see her face.

Lamar Cole Quotes

02 June 2017

Love is a path to the heart that knows its own way.

02 June 2017

A faithful and loving wife is the jewel of a marriage.

02 June 2017

Love can still be like the sunrise in the twilight of a person's life.

02 June 2017

True love can sometimes be like a desert flower. Surviving under the toughest conditions.

02 June 2017

A first love always remains in a secret place in the heart.

Lamar Cole Comments

Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 01 October 2019

Lamar's poems are so realistic and beautiful. He has chosen two interesting subjects for his poems - Love and Humour. that makes his poems- A delight to read! God bless you, Lamar

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Lamar, is a people's poet. He goes for the common touch. By that I mean your funny bone.

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Rini Shibu 06 September 2017

Lamar you are key figure of humorous poems and romanticism.. Keep going

4 1 Reply
Doris Cornago 19 July 2017

You seem to me a very romantic poet. :)

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