Ghost Town Poem by Angela Wybrow

Ghost Town

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This town is becoming like a ghost town;
Many of our local shops are closing down.
Once upon a time, this town was really hopping,
But now people go elsewhere for their shopping.

The life from our town has been sucked out,
And nowadays there is hardly anyone about.
Local people go to other towns and cities:
That it has ended up this way, is a real pity.

The town's population is rapidly growing,
But trade in our shops is rapidly slowing.
Many units stand empty for years and years:
Owners found the rents were just way too dear.

We need some life breathed back into town;
We need to turn this situation back around.
Of help for new businesses, we need much more,
So that our town can be the place it was before.

Captain Cur 23 July 2012

Ghost towns like ghosts ships, shadows of their former glory. Your town needs a battle plan. Write the plan, bring it to your town meetings, rally and incite the populace. The good one motivated individual can do is limitless. Good write.

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Linda May Fox 20 July 2012

Yes! You have described the situation very well. A poem with a very important message. Well done. Another good poem!

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Angela Wybrow

Angela Wybrow

Salisbury, Wilts, UK
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