A Dream Poem by Patti Masterman

A Dream

Rating: 4.6

Once I dreamed I awoke on a ship
In my own special room, as she swayed and dipped
I walk down the corridors, just like a queen
Touching and seeing the things in my dream
I stopped at the railing and looked at the sea
And it just as fine and as clear as could be
But storm clouds arose and the ship began to toss
I ran back to my room, completely at loss
How to find a life jacket somewhere on that boat
Something in case, just to keep me afloat
I hunted for hours; it seemed quite a search
But when I woke up, I was wearing a purse.

Chuck Audette 02 April 2010

at least you hadn't wet the bed! Love the ending! -chuck

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Tammie Thrasher 20 April 2010

wow. nice words. i like it =)

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Heather Wilkins 03 July 2013

dreams can be alarming. nice write

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Martin O'Neill 16 March 2012

Good job it wasn't the one about eating a marshmallow and not being able find the pillow! This actually has a lovely ethereal feel to it. You have captured an essence of the dreamstate.

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Smoky Hoss 12 October 2011

Time to get off the ship, and pursue a boat of your own? Dreams seem to have a language all their own, if only we could learn it. Very good poem, and dream.

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Jim Troy 24 August 2011

Glad you did not fall over board or get sea sick..... Nice dream and love the ending....... Jim Troy

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Ken E Hall 09 May 2010

A seafaring dream indeed funny what we dream at times..I dream P/H will work at my first click not so only a dream....nice one..regards

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