Francis Duggan

A Dream Of Buninyong And The Crown Hotel - Poem by Francis Duggan

Oh I am back in Buninyong back with the pipeline boys
One hundred kilometres from Melbourne and man made smoke and noise
It's friday night in the Crown Hotel and handshakes all around
And we feel glad that we are back in our old stomping ground.

And Ron the pub house landlord he greets us with a smile
Saying nice to see you fellows we have missed you all the while
We missed you since the day you left to go to Melbourne Town
And we are glad to have you back in Buninyong and the Crown.

And Heather she look radiant dressed in her favourite black
And she smile in her sweet child like way saying fellows welcome back
We missed you from the Village and you are welcome here alway
And I hope the job go well for you and do enjoy your stay.

And Nuffa is there to greet us and there's warmth in his handshake
Oh it is nice to see you boys it's just like old times sake
And he even offered to buy us beer such generosity
Though we said Nuffa thank you no but it's the thought that counts you see.

Jim Ellis he was first to buy the one who'd travelled far
He smiled at barmaid Alison the pride of Buninyong bar
Oh Alison you do look great no need to feel so shy
Are you not glad to welcome back your Wild Colonial Boy?

And Alison she blushed a bit saying good to see you Jim
It's nice to see you back in town you do look fit and trim
Nine pots of beer I do presume, nine pots of beer will do
And here's your change and thank you Jim and Alison thank you.

Then Mick Kelleher started reminiscing about valleys far away
And the green meads around Millstreet Town where he spent his boyhood day
And the green groves of Mountleader and Clara mountain wood
And the things he'd done and the things he'd seen in the days of his boyhood.

And Murray chimed in such memories stirs in my heart a tear
As he rose to face the counter for another round of beer
Nine sparkling pots of Buninyong beer our thirst to satisfy
It's home from home the Crown hotel when one feel hot and dry.

And then the talk it switched to Aussie Rules to that game of macho men
Where the lightweights never seem to cope and the heavies always win
And the Aussies love their football and they love it hard and rough
And to play this game of Aussie Rules one must be born tough.

Bill Cunningham started moaning of how Hawthorn lost the flag
'Twas over confidence that beat us we thought we had it in the bag
But Spud the Carlton barracker said when all is said and done
The Blues were by far a better team and the better team they won.

This was the cue for Charlie he knows about football
And the great games of the V.F.L. he readily can recall
To him the year's unlucky team were definitely Geelong
And watch out next year fellows the Cats won't get it wrong.

For next year's flag brave Murray Quick was tipping Collingwood
But Mick Kelleher went for the Kangaroos saying those Magpies are no good
And Taff went for the Eagles and Brian Chute he tipped Footscray
Though they all agreed on one thing wait for next Grand Final day.

And Brendan Glass through all of this had little much to say
His love was down in Melbourne his heart felt far away
He seemed aloof from all of us his mood had turned to change
Yes love can change a man complete the ways of love are strange.

Nine more pots to our table and another round of cheer
Nine pots of Buninyong special the very best of beer
Tonight we'd stay till closing time and gorge ourselves with grog,
Tonight we'd gluttonize ourselves and drink like thirsty hogs.

And Skinny came to our table to join our company
As usual in a cheerful mood he always seems carefree
Of cutting pine and redgum he has good memories
Yes Buninyong's senior logger has knocked his share of trees.

And Lal came to our table with another top class joke
And the way he tell the funny ones good laughter he provoke
And Nuffa and Bull Holloway to liquor give full vent
In their old usual banter a friendly argument.

Mike English he welcomed us back to his own Buninyong
And we felt joy rise in our hearts when Jim burst into song
And Wilbur was buying the bingo cards in his face the losers look
But he kept buying and he kept trying and he hoped for a change of luck.

Ray Coxall came to our table and we offered him a seat
Sit down there Ray and rest your bones and take the weight off your feet
We have always looked on him as friend in Aussie terms a mate
One of the best in Buninyong to us he can relate

And Trevor was in humorous mood his spirits always high
And happy as he ever is to him this World's a joy
And Billy from Newcastle and Bones and little Roy
And the character Neil Williamson dressed in collar and tie.

The Macker as usual talking of the Sheilas that he knew
Of the ones that he'd been out with and the ones who loved him true
Of the many that he'd slept with and the few who'd turned him down
As a drinker and a lover he has carved his own renown.

And Macker's quiet spoken brother he doesn't have that much to say
He's a different man to Macker different in every way
And Bambi was there with them Bambi works hard for his bread
And he makes his living honest by the honest sweat he shed.

The Lloyd brothers Darren and Nicholas and they having a good time
Two Buninyong casanovas and they yet not in their prime
And they too can get the Sheilas, Sheilas flocking to their door
They've got women crawling to them could one ask for any more? .

And Buninyong's pretty ladies of their worries making light
Jose Lloyd and lovely Linda socializing for the night
And Bernette and sweet Cindy with the head of golden hair
It's a home from home in Buninyong and I do feel happy there.

And Whykes the merry butcher as usual in good mood
Truly a gentleman this Whykes I've never seen him rude
He'd make a good Shire President such confidence he inspire
A good replacement for Ted Sutherland the greatest President of the Shire.

And Graham Hanna sipping beer the Crown his favourite place
He is one who has worked hard and he has an honest looking face
And Jim McKay selling tickets a dollar lads a line
And those of you who buy more than one are real good friends of mine.

And Whitey the sheep shearer I've heard it said before
That he has shorn a lot of sheep fifty thousand maybe more
And I've heard it said that he's a better shearer than Brian Chute
But the man who made that statement gave a slight twist to the truth.

Young Barrel seemed in a good mood he is such a happy lad
He makes light of his worries and I've never seen him sad
And the painter by trade Garry out with his darling wife
A city man from Melbourne grown to love the country life.

Andrei looked sickly from the booze he'd been drinking all day long
perhaps the greatest drinker of hard liquor in all of Buninyong
And the Cambells up the Village they come of Scottish stock
And they even called their dog a Scottish name their one eyed canine Jock.

Mick Henderson and Norman James were having a tongue wag
Talking of diesel engines to mechanic Jimmy Vagg
And big Mick who hangs around with Bones that man must weigh a ton
But for a fellow of his size he is a gentle one.

Nine more pots to our table and the laughter ringing loud
And Bob Harrington and Billy came to add to Ronnie's crowd
And gray haired Norman smacks his lips that beer is sure good stuff
In the Crown Hotel on friday night one never drinks enough.

Into the bar strode Graham Ward with his side kicks Ray and Tim
They don't come here that often 'twas we invited them
A dozen fellows in our shout I wish it could stay nine
As I could feel a rattle in this grogful gut of mine.

And Tony the postmaster was having a quiet drink
A gentleman before he speak he never fail to think
And the Crown's lovely dark haired waitress was working up a sweat
This was a busy night for her perhaps her busiest yet.

And Arnold the Shire gardener had come out of his shell
And Jack O was in happy mood he'd some good jokes to tell,
It's friday night in the Crown Hotel and laughter all around
And we feel happy to be back in our old stomping ground.

And Ross the bearded genius quoting from the works of John Clare
He think Clare an under rated poet such thoughts with him I share
He quoted from the famous poems Clare wrote when at his best
Lines from I Am and Helpstone and from The Thrush's Nest.

In walks fair haired young Turner back in town for brief stay
I love my own dear Buninyong you always hear him say
Such is the lure of Buninyong you've been there for some while
You'll always want to go back there though parted by long mile.

The alarm clock is ringing and I am wide awake
And I am back in Melbourne Town in Melbourne at daybreak
I'd been in Buninyong in a dream to Buninyong miles away
And it's up from bed to dress myself and face a working day.

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