Kalyani Rajalingham (Married to Dr. Kane)

A Drop Of Blood - Poem by Kalyani Rajalingham (Married to Dr. Kane)


By Kalyani Rajalingham

When blood stings,

The pain is a thousand fold

For the kindness you give a stranger,

I doubt you would give your own

Man and Beast differ by a conscience,

But never have I been wounded by an animal before

While some weigh their worth in gold,

Never knowing that Time does not lie cold

The blood in a body lies as trust within the soul

And what the heart may, the mind will not behold

For, Kindness of heart does not imply stupidity as a whole

Nor lets sleep forever the very generous foe

Suppositions led me to believe in the warmth of blood

But observation & fact proved me quite wrong

If each blood cell in a single body tried to kill each other

Then, blood in your veins would not flow

Life that's come to be, you would not know

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

Ok, I seriously should not touch my pen when I'm angry but this is becoming a pathetic problem in our modern world.

In life; this is what I've observed: It all seems to be a war, a competition between families, between races; between cultures….Who's the best? Who can dominate all others? Forgetting that at our worst, we all are capable of immense evil - after all, that's our default behavior!

Self-control it is much harder & normally, it's the role of the society & its culture. But as one plants protective fences, another always seems to remove it, thinking that kind people cannot be a worthy or generous foe if need be. Throughout this planet's history, no one kingdom has been known to forever rule or dominate, nor can one individual survive by beating all others to a pulp. Our body functions and depends on so many systems, now if the brain told the arms and feet that it's no use & threw them away, then this brain would be stuck in one spot. If then it told blood that they are not of its caliber, the brain with its wonderful reign & worth would die instantly; its Nature's way. It's the difference, the diversity & functionality that helps build a better system, the more, the better. If we begin with the courtesy that we give a total stranger, then maybe one day, we can learn to tolerate each other.

When I see a person, young or old, what I see is someone's child, as someone's parent, as someone's lover, as someone's enemy and therefore give them kindness first simply because they mean something to someone. This doesn't imply that I can't hurt them; of course I can, but how long before someone else hurts me?

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 11, 2013

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