Friendship Is And Can Be Poem by Djean Whitney

Friendship Is And Can Be

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My freind is all of these!

Friendship is to trust
Friendship is having the kindness to help
Friendship is giving to others without thinking
Friendship is being there when someone need you
Friendship can be just a smile that brightens your day
Friendship is giving more than you expect to receive
Friendship is listening
Friendship is offering your opinion when you think you need to
Friendship can be many things
Friendship is different for everyone
Friendship could be holding a hand for support
Friendship is lending your shoulder to cry on
Friendship is mellow
Friendship is giving back
Friendship is only taking that what you need
Friendship can be that voice of reason you give
Friendship could also be a boost of encouragement when it’s needed
Friendship stands the test of time
Friendship is show in many different ways
Friendship can be everlasting
Friendship is not always an easy thing
Friendship is hard to break apart
Friendship is strong
Friendship should never be taken for granted
Friendship is meant to be shared with all
Friendship is free and rewarding to share
Friendship can be unforgettable
Friendship is priceless to many
Friendship is a secret never to be told
Friendship is not having to say sorry but do
Friendship is not judging no matter what
Friendship is to share, the joy and the fear
Friendship is someone to run too when things are tough
Friendship is a hand to hold when things are so rough
Friendship is someone to laugh with not at you
Freindship is just knowing they are there
Freindship is very personal
Freindship is all of thes things and many more
This is are how I see friendship
To have a true Friend is the best thing to achieve
We all have one but it may take a very long time to find them.

Jessica Petrille 26 September 2011

i love your poem! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Dian Pramesti 26 February 2012

that one is really GREAT! thumbs up!

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Nicky Hill 02 January 2012

great poem very true

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Jasbir Chatterjee 16 January 2012

well done, Djean, keep up with your writing; I congratulate you on your immense courage! Sometimes certain friendships arouse so strong feelings that it is prudent to just give them up...

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Jessica Khinda 26 October 2011

Wonderful Poem. I mean it touches the heart Thanks! ! ! !

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Chinedu Dike 05 June 2015

Lovely piece of poetry that captures the essence of friendship, well articulated and insightfully penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Kim Barney 16 January 2015

Someone just sent me a message and said that I should point out exactly what the mistakes are, so here we go... line 4 should have NEEDS instead of NEED line 32 There is no need for a comma: Friendship is to share the joy and the fear line 33 someone to run TO, not TOO lines 36,37 and 38 FRIENDSHIP, not FREINDSHIP line 38 THESE things, not THES things Last line: You are mixing singular and plural pronouns. We all have ONE (singular) ... long time to find THEM (plural) . Should be: long time to find HIM or HER. I hope this is helpful. There could be others I overlooked. I'm not perfect either and am starting to get dyslexic in my old age, at least in my typing. I think I have typed something, and when I check I find that my fingers have been on the wrong keys or I have just put the letters in the wrong order.

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Kim Barney 16 January 2015

There at least four mistakes in grammar or spelling, but all the thoughts of the poem are very good. Congratulations for having it selected as poem of the day on January 16 for the second year in a row!

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Jasbir Chatterjee 16 January 2015

In spite of all the errors, the poem does sound very good; seems to be pretty exhaustive and does not leave out anything...

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Pranab K Chakraborty 16 January 2015

So long journey come to an catastrophe. The alchemy of friendship perhaps yet unfinished to come to an inference by some other poets. Abstract is always abstract. Feelings can not be judged by conditions...... here lies the tragedy, perhaps.

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