A Familier Sound Poem by sylvia spencer

A Familier Sound

Rating: 5.0

I too had heard the sound of charging horses,
but they were not running round those familier
race courses.The village people heard it night
after night as if a team of horses were in full flight.
It seemed to come from beneath the ground as if
they were running round and round.
The story tells of long ago when a coach and horses
came thundering through the snow. A frighting blizzard
swept up from hell and to where the coach and horses
went, no one could tell.The horses fell deep into a ravine
and the coach and passengers were never heard or seen.
They disappeared and no trace was found, but night after
night came that familier sound.
Deep ravins lay hidden beneath the hills and one day
they found a set of wheels. Although they were damaged
and beyond repair, the village people were quite aware.
Could this be what they were waiting for, a key to open up
the door. A door that had been closed for over two hundred
years and made a village live within it's fears.
Into the ravine went four brave men, aged between four score
years and ten. Down they went with ladders and rope, these
four brave men with minds full of hope.
There at the bottom lay a shocking sight as they shone their
torches in the dead of night.
The ravine had now become a burial site and the story now
told had to come to light. Lost in a blizzard all those years ago
and swept into a ravine by blinding snow. First the horses then
the coach deep into darkness where no one could approach.
Death and destruction lay hidden for years, tormenting the
villagers with familier fears. The sound of horses running
underground that had become that old familier sound.

Nalini Hebbar 13 November 2006

a haunting story of an accident...very well written...love...nalini

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Sandra Fowler 13 November 2006

A fine story of romantic suspense. Haunting mood and expressive imagery. Very exceptional write, Sylvia. Love from your sister and friend, Sandra

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