The Cat That Came To Tea Poem by sylvia spencer

The Cat That Came To Tea

Rating: 4.7

There was once a cat called
Trouble-some Mac'fee,
who had a bad habit,
of inviting himself to tea.
When the clock struck four,
he would tap on the door,
meow and scrach,
then lift up the latch.
He never had a thought,
for dear Aunt Mable,
because he would rush right in,
and jump straight on the table.
He would steal a cake,
from of the plate,
then run back through the door,
and out of the gate.
Mac-fee Mac-fee,
always there for tea.
Now Mac-fee played a game
called, hide n seek.
At one time he went missing,
for over a week.
Aunt Mable said
'has he gone for good,
but was there any reason
why he should!
No one saw him,
hair or hide,
We serched all over,
far and wide.
Then on a Friday, just before tea
who should turn up,
our trouble-some Mac-Fee
His paws were dirty,
and his coat was shabby,
but oh how we loved,
that dear old tabby.
Mac-Fee Mac-Fee,
always there for tea.
Aunt Mable had passed on,
and so had her cake,
and poor Mac-Fee,
was getting thin as rake.
When the clock struck four,
he went next door,
to see what tit bits,
he could score.
Alas the cake was not the same,
so old Mac-Fee,
came home again.
Poor Mac-Fee he missed aunt Mable,
and all the cakes,
that were laid on the table.
Nine lives were leaving, poor Mac-Fee,
and his troublesome days were over,
and now his buried in a field,
under a bed of clover.

Duncan Wyllie 25 February 2006

Dear Sylvia The circle of life put across in a warm and caring way.Love this.from Duncan

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Sandra Fowler 25 February 2006

This is a delighful poem filled with charm and rich imagination.I hope that both Mac'fee and Aunt Mabel lived happily ever after. My applause for this one. Warm regards, Sandra Fowler

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Charles M Moore 27 February 2006

A very touching poem, I like this one thanks Charlie.

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Graham Jones 02 March 2006

I always like poems about animals this was both funny and a little sad, but well written and enjoyed very much.

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Hannington Mumo 08 July 2021

This one of the very few world-class poems I've ever read. You're among the finest poets alive. Kudos! s

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Edward Kofi Louis 16 December 2015

Nice work with the muse of a cat. Thanks for sharing.

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Melvina Germain 07 September 2006

Fabulous Sylvia, a very nice and pleasurable read, I like it very much. It was sad but wonderful---Melvina

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Patricia Gale 04 June 2006

A grand tale! Lovely words, a delightful read. Patricia Gale

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Lisa Wilkinson 18 May 2006

Hi Sylvie. I very fun loving, saddish but humourous poem. What a lovely cat Macafee sounded. Thats typical of cats though isnt it. Going missing then turning up as if nothings happened. Fortunately our 2 cats havnt done that to us (yet!) . Its purrfect. A well deserved 10 in my book.

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