A Childhood Lost Poem by sylvia spencer

A Childhood Lost

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When Kids were kids it was a time for fun
playing cowboys and indians with a make
believe gun. To play in the garden and hunt for
the fairy dell, but all that's gone and the streets
are like hell. A girl had a doll that she walked in a pram
and a boy had a train or some wind up tram.
Girls and boys they played with toys and each
of them shared there own little joys. Picture books,
comics, Mickey Mouse and Dan Dare;
just playing in the streets without a single care
Home from school, sometimes home alone
and if they were lonely they had a neighbour
to phone and if there was no phone they managed
on there own.
When Kids were kids they ate bread and jam and
on Sundays maybe a slice of ham.
Now most children want to live like a adult and before
you know it they have learnt to insult.
They watch their parents when it's not their concern
and most children think they have money to burn.
Designer sportswear and photograph phones
and if they don't get them on comes the moans
and groans.
No childlike games like run outs round the corner
or nursery rhymes like Little Jack Horner.
Lost in a childhood where kids were kids
playing knights in battle with dustbin lids.
Kids of today they are led astray and most of
them want all of their own way, give them an inch
and they take a yard and your overdrawn on your
credit card. Gangs in the street each one wearing a hood
society tells us they are up to no good. Most parents think
their kids are alright, but if there out in the street then they
are out of sight. Each Parent knows that there kid is the best
but once on that street it is one hell of a test.
Christmas presents falling out the door and drunken
teenagers sprawled on the floor.All of them wearing
the latest design, then they end up in court and you
pay the fine. A child should see what growing up
is all about and not to turn into some lager lout.
A child should be seen and not heard so my mother
said but in times like these they think they bring home
the bread. Lots of children grow up to be refine but one
thing is certain their childhood stops somewhere in time
A kid growing up needs plenty of leisure so they can find
the fairies and the hidden treasure; a pirate ship and captain
Hook because no Mother wants her kid to be a crook.

Donna Nimmo 12 September 2006

A very good poem and how true it is. Now with all kids have, they say they are bored. Warmest Regards, Donna Nimmo

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Duncan Wyllie 12 September 2006

Thankyou Sylvia for this finely and astutely written piece, there is much wisdom contained If we model a time without a fun place and Childhood games and enjoyment then what do they have left, ummm, very little I think Thankyou Sis, for sharing the same thoughts and feelings of many Love duncan X

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Sandra Fowler 12 September 2006

Those who have no childhood will be missing something very precious all their lives. Words of wisdom, Sylvia. I hope you have some very attentive listeners out there. Love, Sandra

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Steve Hagget 12 September 2006

Great work Sylvie - as usual, you have really captured the essence of what you wnat to say in fantastic language - splendid, Steve

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Francesca Johnson 12 September 2006

A childhood lost, indeed. We can count our blessings that we had to use our imaginations because we had very little else in the days of OUR youth. Values have changed so drastically, it's the way of the world, unfortunately. I always enjoy your poems, Sylvie, and this one is no exception. Keep writing them..... Love, Fran xx

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Cyclopseven R 25 December 2006

Childhood - a fantasy within another fantasy. Every child should be given the care proper and make them realise the beauty of this fantasy. Good one.

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Melvina Germain 12 November 2006

Sylvia, a great deal of wisdom contained in this marvelous poem. If only you could read this at a PTA meeting or on TV so everyone could be blessed by this message. Thankyou so much for sharing this excellent piece.--Melvina--

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Lisa Wilkinson 13 September 2006

Sylvia this is my favourite of your poems yet, it speaks volumes! I have a funny thing I can email you If I still have it which relates to the good old days. I will send it to you if I still have it. Take Care, please keep in touch. Im not great right now. Thoughts are with you.Lisa x0x

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Patrick Ladbrooke 13 September 2006

A strong social comment Sylvie - and some childhood history too. I dread to think what it will be like in 20 years time. A ten year old could kill you today. They have no childhoods. Strong statement in your poem, Patrick xx

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Nalini Hebbar 12 September 2006

sylvia...this is a very beautiful poem...kids are kids for too short a while now a days...and they have no connection with nature...they loose their innocence very early in life...they grow up so fast and i am reading poems on this site written by teenagers that shock me...writting about things that i think i will never be able to articulate openly...thanks again for the great poem...i hope many kids on this site read it...love...nalini

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