A Cry For Help Poem by sylvia spencer

A Cry For Help

Rating: 4.9

Dont keep me hidden,
in this dark room,
please show me the sun,
so that I can bloom.
I know you kept me here,
just to keep me warm,
but now it is time,
to show me the dawn.
I am ready to flower,
I need some light,
and the warmth of the sun,
that shines so bright.
I have been shut away,
all winter long,
my bulb and stem,
are now extra strong.
My date is near,
to join all the rest,
and show off my trumpet
at it's very best.
I dont care where I stand,
or where I go,
I just want to put on,
a very good show.
I am boasting not,
but I will be, a real smart fellow
standing proud,
in the brightest of yellow.
If I go out now,
they say I am sure to catch a chill,,
so I am stuck in this room,
on a drafty windowsill.
It's frosty outside,
but the crocuses bloom,
and here I remain, in this dark tomb
the March winds blow, I'll be in such a state,
I know I wont pass my graduation date.

A Cry For Help
Sylvia Chidi 20 February 2006

A very pleasurable joyful poem

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Mary Nagy 21 February 2006

Very nice Sylvia! This is the best part of springtime.....I don't have any daffodils but I do have a few tulips that come up each spring. Every year I tell myself I'm going to plant daffodils cause I'm always so envious when everyone else has flowers up but us! Lovely poem. Sincerely, mary

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Graham Jones 22 February 2006

Really enjoyed this one, I like anything to do with nature and this had a nice slant to it, keep up the good work: -)

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Duncan Wyllie 23 February 2006

Loved the security aspect and then the need to bloom.Excellently put.Your A Star.Love Duncan

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Charles M Moore 27 February 2006

Very nice poem Sylvia, you know your subject.

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Shakti Shetty 26 July 2006

a good example of integrating human & plant's feeling in one stream....

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Dee Daffodil 14 June 2006

Sylvia...Wow...that is too cool! ! Great minds apparently do think alike! LOL Thanks for telling me about your poem...it was awesome! Dee Daffodil

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Ernestine Northover 06 June 2006

This is sweet and as I'm a Floral Artist, I love anything to do with plants and flowers. Lovely write. Love Ernestine XXX

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Deanna More 23 May 2006

.. Ah! Once again, your PEN merits applause! This intial somber plea... 'Don't keep me hidden in this dark room..' grabs the reader's attention and the Waterfall GUSH of Pure Poetry, holds them spellbound, till the last word of the final line. Keenly descriptive, as is ALL of your work! A true Fan! Deanna ..

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John Tiong Chunghoo 26 March 2006

quite in the same vein as the flag i wrote today. lovely, sylvia very sensitive wirte.

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