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A House Called Lonely (A Trilogy In Three Parts)

There is a street in every town that owns a house
called lonely. Then when your just passing by you might
just say, 'if only.
If only could mean a life time of thoughts but it does'nt cure

A Cry For Help

Dont keep me hidden,
in this dark room,
please show me the sun,
so that I can bloom.

The Cat That Came To Tea

There was once a cat called
Trouble-some Mac'fee,
who had a bad habit,
of inviting himself to tea.

A Clothes Line

There is a workhorse that serves us well.
Its been around since time can tell.
It has a post at each end, to give support
with a stick in the middle, so it doesn't distort.

A Bunch Of Roses

I love life but does life love me when I have to cook
tea for a family of three.
One wants this and one wants that and between
those wants I have to feed the cat.

A Wayward Life

Born out of wedlock,
with a chip on his shoulder,
one that was as big,
as a cliff face, boulder.

A Lonely Heart In A Thunderstorm

A lonely heart sets the table but is she a Milly,
a Betty or a Mabel. Tea, coffee, cakes and ale
but outside there blows a gale. Sash cord windows
rattling like chains, thunder and lighting tormenting her

A Childhood Lost

When Kids were kids it was a time for fun
playing cowboys and indians with a make
believe gun. To play in the garden and hunt for
the fairy dell, but all that's gone and the streets

Ride The Imagination Train

When my children were small,
we played a great, wet weather game.
One where we would travel,
on the Great Imagination Train.

A Job For Life

I get such a good feeling when the fire goes out
because there's no more smoke going up my spout.
Its no wonder I am an sick and tired of my job
because all day long I am boiling on this hob.

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