A Father Love & A Mother Love Poem by Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

A Father Love & A Mother Love

Rating: 2.1

A father love & a mother love which shall be there in my heart forever

They heard my pain which lust it lost of sore beneath my silent cries of lost they guide me and shall lead me to my praying heart a prays a pound god a worshiper of his religion he give away of purity within a heart of loyalty with honesty a place when I’m lost I will always pray to him even when I shall tears of fallen or even I’m lost to find the right path he always there to guide me even when my heart filled with numb slowly it dies which the pain goes away forever when the darkness has fallen with sore and of the light he sent in to guard me with love in my silent prays a slash of a tears which has fallen down

A mother description of love she sense like a father know his own son& daughter without saying a words but they felt it as a silent fallen in voiceless of words to express the numb beneath you soul or heart that breaks divides into to hearts a hearts of love which lost a silent tears they heard

A father description of his love he sings a song which make me laughter standing by my side a shoulder where i lay as tears fallen to the eyes relieve the pain of lost like a young lady which sad heart

The art of a poet shall a true been share with love beneath the heart & soul passionate plays beneath tow soul with loved

A true poet itself the express of her love within her purity of love which never shall a dies slowly has she walks a walk with prays a pound his love that once was true filled with a tinder touch beneath the soft hearted of two a lover tales which was real and true

A fragments’ from a heart that embrace the key to my heart which loved unlock the keys to the past “where love shall never dies “”reaming which frozen we stand beneath the lover soul”

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