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Do you ever see me bleed? how my eyes be come so numb
How my body felt so cold and froze can't seem to move a bit
Memorise every step that we take in the affection which was true
Which never seem to break through but all that days has gone

a flash back to my very first love when everything felt real and true

a tinder tounch of our skin in your embrace you hold me closer to you, you woun't let me fall, a silent love which touch our soul & heart

A white rosés that soft and sweet turns to red in bloods
A red rosés re symbol of romance within my love of purity for you

A razor-sharp boundaries torment a cut on my hand bit by bit dripping of blood on top of rosés of white turn to red full with bloods

When Passionate takes in sweet surrenders which hold tightly she embrace him close
Kiss him goodnight Embrace soul of lover’s touches tenders surrenders
Deceiving soul of lovers reunited once so tenderly embrace last forever

I never want to fall in love again like the way I love you before
I can’t forget you even though I let you go and walk out
Letting you go is the hardest part I give up on loving you?

A letter to Romeo (Una carta a Romeo)

Standing still in as frozen a voiceless without words
(Todavía permanente como congelado una voz sin palabras)

A father love & a mother love which shall be there in my heart forever

They heard my pain which lust it lost of sore beneath my silent cries of lost they guide me and shall lead me to my praying heart a prays a pound god a worshiper of his religion he give away of purity within a heart of loyalty with honesty a place when I’m lost I will always pray to him even when I shall tears of fallen or even I’m lost to find the right path he always there to guide me even when my heart filled with numb slowly it dies which the pain goes away forever when the darkness has fallen with sore and of the light he sent in to guard me with love in my silent prays a slash of a tears which has fallen down

Butterfly is full of illusion
with the moon reflecting through
your eyesight

laying down a sleep dreaming of you
how you embrace me in your arms
a kisses on to my lips a symbol of your love to me

Feelings of love of true

Reunited we shall stand lovers embrace a moment we stood still in silent of voiceless a pound ourselves for sure love shall never dies forever alive even the heart dies of numbness of silent’s fallen of a night breezes of sore which mourning his name which sometime he shall hear of caused he felt it too
Like she shall felt the embrace a felt when he was there with hear sadly we have to lost him caused could only pray shall he hear it or shall he not

Gothic romance shall be put away by death

I give my heart beneath my dead soul of heart
A loved dyeing my heart stops biting

It was an eerie Monday afternoon
The sun is shiny influential
Bizarre feelings
Shatter dream approach alive

Reflected in mind sense of you touch of a kisses
Beneath my heart how I missed you truly
I loved you too very much ash you shown it to me
How I missed you very much truly I do so too

How could I breathe without you in my life?

It’s hard to smile the pain just drown

I’m the heart he is the key = two lover a stand

Shall it be a death or shall die of once One day who knows but the lord himself does
But I still love you in my numbness soul of heartt shall I Remember you always forever

A broken heart he have seen

The looked in his eyes

A day become night

A silent fallens a tears

its a mid thursday afternoon i've seen your name jabarh sathic noor it was your name for sure, it print out at the stick tack paper, how i notice that you move to a new building c flat 02512

i pray to god to find your envelope within your invation of a welcoming event
which box full of invations for the members whom are new or old they come, and to the members that move building

How could you be such a foolish hearted man
YOu couldn't see how you hurt others?
Caused your blind to see the one you love
Get hurts by your word

i carry on from loving you my heartfelt so numb how i cry out for you
i carry the love and passion which sit in felt so real but yet its gone
i felt the true behind it all untill i let you go trying to forget this feelings
what its felt like to be in love and without you how forever is gone loved you never see me crying out for you in my numb heart for you

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*goodbye To You My Love, Love Is Lust*

Do you ever see me bleed? how my eyes be come so numb
How my body felt so cold and froze can't seem to move a bit
Memorise every step that we take in the affection which was true
Which never seem to break through but all that days has gone

Do you ever heard me cry out for you? in my breathless murn
In my weak heart just broke that I can't take in but to bury all that moments deep inside of me

Why does love is such a crime?
When our love was just so real?
Why would someone want a part like this?
When we knew we were meant to be

How my heart peel into pieces like a broken glass that can't be un-do
How our feelings and the affeaction is like a drung like what you said to me onces but that last.

How you wishper Don't worry I knew I'm gone to lost you forever
I knew my heart belonge to you but i give up and let go of you
It ain't felt right to be with you when you had someone'else but me

Left me here with my sorrow lock me up for so long felt like years that you left me here, but for sure you gone but this time is for good
But I'm the one that walk out of for real I can't bury it inside

Goodbye to you my love, LOve Is just like a lust
Giving up on you love Isn't easy
It ain't easy to forget you for sure that is real
It ain't easy to say it to you like this on the telephone
Felt the numb in my weak heart hopeyou hear me for the last

BUt yOU knew how much I LOve you
From my heart and soul which is true
It break my heart to say this way
But can't see it how hard it is for me to say this

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