§¤heartfelt With A Tears Of Pain¤§ Poem by Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

§¤heartfelt With A Tears Of Pain¤§

Rating: 2.5

laying down a sleep dreaming of you
how you embrace me in your arms
a kisses on to my lips a symbol of your love to me

in dreams your voices i could hardly heard
it was as clear as one last time i meet you
it wokes me up onces silent night
dreaming of you all this time

but yet your gone for a year so long now but yet it was only five month gone
this is a real goodbye forever
i knew i woun't see no more

a tragic hurt beneath my heart a cancer pain fill inside my heart a drops of tears rolling down on to my skin

a young hearted heart that onces was heall slowly as its grown burst into a silent tears drops on to my skin
the same pain which i felt when i lost you

how i crys when i meet you
remembers you every moments
for one last time my prays of hopes

your not like another guys
you always want to be next to me
how i felt your love was true at firts
sadly it do us a part for a sake of our love

i never will forgotten you i never will be
remain you like a shadow that always with me never shall i forgotten you
if you do so i will

god you heard my prays from my purity heart you created and soul and lead me this far my heartfelt slowly heall by bit

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