Alice Perfect

A Foundation Of Truth And Light! - Poem by Alice Perfect

Soul's foundation- values are what?
Can you clearly see
just what makes you proudly strut?

What is of the utmost importance to you?
Make a list, and write a thing or two.

If you want the cool Coast
and I want Mountains towering,
Neither one will be happy
always compro-cowering

If you like the sun
and I like the shade
can a workable compromise
ever really be made?

If you want a Burger King Super Meal
and I want organic carrots with the peal
what do we do, where do we turn?
If you do it my way,
your anger will me burn!

This is how I see it,
at its very core,
You want fun pleasures
and nothing really more.

That is cool, I can allow all,
but I'll never go your way
that would be
my downfall
and that won't happen today!

I can allow, applaud
and support your insistence,
but understand well
it may be
at a great distance

Kick my butt
and push real hard
I'll still love you
but from afar

My values are clear
for me unchanging.
There is no influence,
that me,
will be rearranging

It's simple
all I seek
it's Truth and Light
in heart
and all that I speak

When I daily look at situations,
What elevates
the current difficult conditions?
What makes me smarter,
healthier and loving?
What would bring me down,
a darkness self discovering?

I don't fall for what feels good
and at any earthly cost...
In that worldly paradigm
I'm damned and really lost

What sets me free,
sends me soaring?
Creates lovingkindness,
a true pure restoring?

Truth and Light the banners wave
aware heavenly souls,
you've always been brave
you are the Winter's coals

Perhaps clear values
define all action,
Perhaps we aren't a match,
just purely a distraction.

My course is now chosen
and it now moves me.
I no longer have brakes,
I flow easily,

A chained-down slave
I'll be no more
Perhaps this is
at last my open door.

Truth and Light is all I perceive,
patient Lovingkindness thru all!
I shall
continually weave

I'm no longer of this place
and all of its madness.
It looks like hell to me
with occasional temporary gladness.

I'm on my way, IT now pulls me,
I must say to you Adieu,
Beingness, stillness, and love
always and option
for all of you too!

Topic(s) of this poem: love

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