A Four Thousand Poem Reflection

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an idea occurred from a flippant remark
based on belief knowing own mind
abilities character passion determination
frivolous trivial remarks can breed
serious consequences requiring
momentous intellectual substance

extremely important achievements
highly significant crucial decisions
effecting life future course of events

may be born in seed insignificant
thoughts while walking leaving
a workplace after clocked in hours

are expended in routine mundane day
thus it was I pondered knew said
for listeners an impossible statement

claiming I could write a hundred poems
in a month upon reflection a thousand
in a year if full time writing had time

after all topic was poetic abilities
three decades thirty years no writing
flooded my mind with poetic streams

this statement was met with incredulous
looks from two stunned male Australian
teachers unwilling to believe kiwis can

write articulate words literary profound
but in time fever of insanity grew because
the kiwi knew he could write now would

artistic attempt to time sign out from teaching
to write for an attempted entire year passed
eventually finally as a few first days writing

expanding into a first week a few weeks
a month three six nine months then
a year stolen into frantic three years

writing writing writing all poetry poetry
like an insane demented demon time driven
possessed trying to leave literary legacy

all time written was but tip of titanic ice berg
so much remained in vast an ocean of tide words
exhausted time mind could not explore surge swim

curiosity curious wanted to know what poet
thought was capable of writing in mind games
desiring to seek out meaning in pitch mind

always effort failed to write but a portion
of ever run away thoughts creativity poetry
ever dances away from focus definition minds

there was no patron sponsor to take my brief
missed High Renaissance by hundreds of years
Medici not interested was not an artist Italian

sacrifices made now post 4000 poems written
in expatriate Jakarta Indonesia what is was
accomplished achieved realized in three years?

'That's an interesting question to ask after 4000
pieces but I place no literary value on my own
work disinterested lack the investigative skills

to try to achieve a dollar value
therefore it is continuous giving
which has nothing to do with quality'

so little said so little said thirty years
of original creativity poetry not written
unknown words haunt never written lines
Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Writing
Copyright © Terence George Craddock
Written in March and June 2014 on the 20.3&3.6.2014.
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