Aeronius D. McCoy

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A Frowny-Faced Band-Aid® On Bandied, Magnanimous Words - Poem by Aeronius D. McCoy

How these pieces of rhetoric
Fall from our eyes with self-assured glee

Cast down as 9-5 eggshells, pieced together each day
And wriggle along the moon, upside down, walking a

Blurred-armed ceiling fan to toss them about,
And break up Space Control in tethered giggles

For a free heart is a bird in its [rib] cage
Pecking scant grains, incessant cawing

Of polemical poles and all the wise texts
Quoted by clean-shaven orators

A crowd bubbles in a series of nods
The cheers follow this afternoon

When a hotwax can melt again and again
Over a painted landscape dreary

Sponge-dabbed abstract of Greek myth
We told ourselves to eat the pill nightly

Did Icarus yawn of the sun's shimmering trap,
Ever think of Marianas far below?

What, with depths handsome folly goes
These words bandied about

Ourselves in these concave mirrors
Dressed in capes. Tongues, pills leech

Granite idol with a spraypaint nose job
The catcalls ring down from corp(us) banking spires

Like those nights shown in commercials
With a convertible and incredible youth

Imagine yourself Here
Pixelated in bloom, such fruit

Playing a Nick Drake song for our heartstrings
Pull the magnanimous creed acoustic

Of our beautiful, bandied freedom

To want unto the stars
Trained teenagers stuck on some

Pricey carousel, turning, never let go
Stay and welcome to the Funhouse of A.

Mad Hatter's tricycle into
A sunnyside-up abyss

This is your brain on drugs
This is your brain on rhetoric

The catcalls take the 'A' train
All the way to our lover's dark, gooey place

Heap ideals and images, dust the anxiety, only $19.99 (+ tax) ,
A special ring and a special price on Black Friday

Thanksgiving comes and goes
and no one puts in a word with dead shadows

In the hills and valleys
Split open with the sunrise and

Wedged with a cadaver's circumspect jackknife

Our desperately measured canyons
Where our homes sing odes to Convenience

It all rings of seasons indoors
And an alluring temperate geometry

A marketplace's scintillating void
Crazed on four one-way lanes downtown

These simple fixes
On a rundown fence with our neighbors

Can always wait

And an elegant string of pearls
We prematurely pulled

Can shimmer in Southern Living's magazine
Let us bless this feast today

Freed in our molded frenzy, sick from pulp
Revelry in these silky words bandied about our-self.

Topic(s) of this poem: thanksgiving

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