The Successful Ovarian Egg Poem by Gayathri Seetharam

The Successful Ovarian Egg

Title: The Successful Ovarian Egg
I find a sock on the floor and look for another underneath the pillow
Both belong to my son who is a dear fellow but funny in his ways
I thank the stars that despite his teenaged ways, he is mellow
And he likes Coldplay's Yellow;
I thank the Lord for my conception and secretly, congratulate myself
For not using my feminine wiles and having trapped someone with my deception
Men are not usually so hardhearted that they become Emma Harte's first lover (Barbara Taylor Bradford's heroine)
With the reception of such news
And this holds the encryption code to their heart
For with the description of one's "sperm inside egg" state does a lady catch a husband sometimes
But many times, does the successful ovarian egg take refuge in negation and the morning after pill
Or abortion even in the state of Texas becomes a way of life
But being a romanticist and a feminist, I see celebration in both attitudes.

The Successful Ovarian Egg
Unnikrishnan E S 11 April 2018

Hi Gayathri, Another wonderful poem. True to the heart. The first thing I noticed about your poems is that, they flow naturally from your heart and so, directly simply communicates with the reader. Great going! _unnikrishnan

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Carl Roussell 25 March 2018

This is a really good write, especially the last three lines.

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