A Golden Shield For My Future...

dear mama
do not make me dream anymore
about your worries
i am a man and will always be strong as you brought me to be
i can manage
grief, like you did a thousand times when you were here on earth,

when i am junked, i do not force my way in
i keep my own ground, i know how to make my own doors
if locked, i can find always a way
whether it be up or
to the left or
to the right

if i may cry, but it will be short
and brief
and concise as my explanation for worry
i do not spill myself
i take a piece of absorbing cloth
and recollect
all those blood and sweat

mama, i am not a helpless child
do not make me dream that you're going to wage another
bloody revolution

times have changed
sometimes mama, we stoop to the feet of our enemies
in order to cut their heads

rest in your grave mama
i still have more tomorrows to remake

my future is as bright
as the golden shield
of Parmenifid

Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 12, 2012

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3,5 out of 5
2 total ratings
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