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A Gorgon Horror At The Crumbles

Rating: 5.0
It's getting dark. Is that a distant rumble?
I'm getting goose-bumps from the prospect of thunder.
Did the temperature drop? It suddenly got cold.
For what time I have left, it's hard to be bold

The crime I committed, and yes, it was heinous
And for that, I'm about to be hanged.
But to prosecute my execution, in these conditions,
Is more than I can take.

Oh, I don't deserve pity, that can't be denied.
But to dance at the gallows to a thunder's clap,
While lightning flashes my last gasp;
Now that's irony at its best.

Yes, she was my mistress and with child.
But to leave my wife, I couldn't abide.
So, instead of leading a double life,
I decided to commit the most odious of crimes.

I enticed my moll with promises of love;
An elopement to some foreign land.
But to stage this getaway, we needed a place to stay.
Somewhere, no one would pry

The plan was simple enough:
I needed a cottage with a tidal rush.
To commit this deed might entail screams;
Shingle Beach would do just fine

So blind was her love that she didn't see the club.
The blunt end of an axe I did swing.
With a thud she splayed on the rug.
So vicious, her hands twitched in a pool of blood

Realization had come to pass, I have a difficult task:
The dismemberment and disposal of my spinster lass.
As you could tell by the mess, I underestimated the rest.
A plan, as everyone knows, I half-assed.

I built a big fire and stoked the flames,
To begin the ghoulish work ahead of me.
I sawed off her head and threw it on a bed
Of glowing cinders that popped and hissed.

It was then, I witnessed the din, of a Gorgon horror.
Writhing hair waved in serpentine flames biting venomous strikes.
I recoiled from this attack, and while stepping back,
Her dead eyes opened with a Medusa stare.

And with that, a thunderous clap,
Coupled with lightning that shook the whole cabin.
I ran with a scream into the pouring night;
Not to return until daylight.

That's it.So, now I go to the gallows pole
For the whole world knows my sins,
And soon I will pay a repentance price
Dancing in Hell to thunder and lightning
Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: cheating,england,horror,murder,sin,unrequited love
This poem is based on the 1924 murder of Emily Bilbie Kaye at the Crumbles in the U.K.
Shaun Cronick 19 January 2021
As twins we follow one another.
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Bri Edwards 22 January 2020
4 - The poet seems to say the victim was beheaded first, and implies no other cuts were made. But my online research indicates the body was cut into numerous pieces. Perhaps " poetic license" played with the police report? Anyway, it's an interesting story, well-written. And being the gruesome guy i am, i send to MyPoemList. bri :)
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Thomas Coston 22 January 2020
Thanks Bri for your many comments on this poem. I guess I did use poetic license simply because I didn’t want to go into the gruesome details of this murder. The stanza before the beheading implied that he half-assed the dismemberment, which he most certainly did. And thanks for adding this poem to your list. Thomas
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Bri Edwards 22 January 2020
3 - " moll in British English 1. the female accomplice of a gangster.2. a prostitute" But the poet calls her " mistress" ? " To begin the ghoulish work ahead of me. I sawed off her head and threw it on a bed Of glowing cinders..." :
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Bri Edwards 22 January 2020
2 - " Gorgon noun Greek Mythology: each of three sisters, Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa, with snakes for hair, who had the power to turn anyone who looked at them to stone. a fierce, frightening, or repulsive woman."
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Bri Edwards 22 January 2020
1 - " ... the dismembered remains of Emily Kaye and her unborn foetus were found mostly in a beach house at The Crumbles, which she had shared with her married lover Patrick Mahon. " yes, sounds like a " horror" .
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Shaun Cronick 01 January 2020
Wow! Brilliantly written with fantastic imagery and vivid imagination on true showmanship display. I absolutely love it. A good old fashioned horror piece that hits the ground running, from it's dark beginning to it's delicious conclusion. Thank you Thomas this is one of the best.10++ and added to my favs. You had me sold on Gorgon Thomas let alone the word Horror. Thanks again.
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