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I write, because it gets things out. I write because i want to leave something of myself behind when im gone. I write because everything else in my life is mundane and it bores me to tears. I write because i dont want to be mediocre. I post poems because i want to know if im any good.

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I know your secret.
You told me yourself.
And those grades you attribute, to me and my help.

My Favorite Places

I miss the cinema’s comfortable sofas
At the entrance and outside the screen rooms.
I miss sitting on them, curled into you, ‘cause
We were kids and had nowhere else to go.

My Relationship

This night is a lie ‘cause im just a pretty girl beside you
I kiss you like that and you stiffen like you know
That I don’t ever want to let you go
So I pull away quick and make amends

My Deception

I wish I didn’t love him so much
I wish I had him here to touch
I wish he wanted me a bit more
Instead of thinking im just some whore

True Love?

We sat and watched as couples floated by
Knew as we sat there that their love would die

I didn’t think you could just walk away,

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james 11 July 2018

I need your help to prove who the real killers are

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Sojourner Truth Cecil 09 March 2013

These poems were not written by the famous poet and missionary, Amy Carmichael.

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Dark Piccaso 16 March 2007

I agree, your talented alright.

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