A Great Warrior Poem by Yan Lee

A Great Warrior

Rating: 2.3

thank you are not enough words so to speak
i owe you a lot's of respect
everything seems you inspect
all the attitudes and behavior you direct
you dont have to try so hard just to connect
coz' i cant forget the love you erect

im not telling something like this just to flatter
because i can describe your love as a twister
protecting us in all the clatter
to make our life so damn sweeter
i write this kind of a poem letter
just to express my gratitude so much better

expressing how glad you are my FATHER
and remember that you are so dear
treating us with fair
loving us with care
the wisdom you share
supports us in every thoroughfare

sorry for all the things that cause you pain
yet a strong personality you gain
all the crestfallen and stain
making the best out of it you always opine
although the nerve wrecking hardships remain
still counting the days to be very fine

i appreciate all the efforts you make
you show real love and not a fake
all the hugs and kisses you take
nothings changed for old times sake
happy and gay is always the theme
makes the life a wonderful melody and rhythm

Yll L 01 May 2010

right jan... my poems are not as good as anyone but only a fool's description....out of sentiment...of life...

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Yan Lee

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