A Heart (Between The Lines)

I love you so much its killing me; beating my soul apart,
Ripping it to pieces part by part,
Tearing the beginning of my life so young,
Without you I’m like breathe without a lung,
Life without a purpose; a stigma in a brain,
Can love really be good if it’s followed by so much pain?
The empty shell; a reminder of what has gone,
- Gone for good, unlike the pain that lives on,
Pushing blood out of my body; taking it for what its worth.

You were the best but now the worst love I’ve ever had!
What will stop the pain I’m feeling so bad?
I feel so lonely that now your gone, away from me,
But now I realise it was never going to be,
And it makes me angry that it’s all gone; but a thing,
A thing that’s made my heart sting,
Sting like a hole in the heart, bullet through the brain,
Driving me so mad, driving me insane!
I want you here, I want you back!

You’re right back here and you’ve given me another chance,
When I saw you walk through that door, my heart began to dance,
And it felt so good to hold you so close, so near,
Your love for me is all so right, all so dear,
I caught my breathe again when to returned to my life,
If you weren’t to return I would have turned to the knife,
My body feels like the world has been lifted,
I feel so lucky, I feel so gifted,
To have you back, I have another chance.

I promise to love you with all my heart.