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All Across The Nation,
Is Hunger And Starvation.

All Across The Nation,

Slit my throat,
Slit my arms,
Stab that knife in both of my palms,

Remember all those times after school,
You would always mess around and act the fool,
Those were the best time ever,
I hope we’ll continue to be friends and fall out never.

Once again its that time of the year,
Pudsey bear is finally here,
Donate some money to show that you care,
How would you feel if your family lived out there?

In my heart you’ll stay forever,
Fade away that’s a never.

Your Shiny lock of hair,

It’s scorching hot and your whole family are having fun,
Your bodies tanning as you lie in the sun,
The kids are in the sea and your lying on the golden sand,
And the beer is resting softly in your hand,

What is this statue of beauty stood before my immature eyes?
From which part of Gods kingdom has she fallen?
Does she know I have seen her?
Quick, look down quick before she spies,

“Salute the flag! …Serve your country! ” is all we hear,
But they don’t tell people about all the fear,
Wondering whether you’re going to live or die!
Getting up early hours still wanting to give it a try,

Don’t do it!
Don’t put yourself through it,
It will hurt and you’ll feel bad,
You’ll feel angry not sad,

Just walk straight past as if I’m not even there,
Because if you stop I’ll tell you I still care,
So just keep walking on by,
I’ve got to stop these feelings,

Oh my god, she blows my mind,
She beautiful and gorgeous; she’s one of a kind,
She can mould and manipulate me,
Into whatever she may please or desire,

The time that has now past,
Is frozen forever; will always last,
Unless the time consumes it like a raging fire,
The pictures frozen and isn’t a lair,

How do I feel about the love you show?
Do I feel the same? I really don’t know,
And do I think about you all the time?
Would I still love you through trouble and grime?

I want to hurt them in so many ways,
Hit them hard till the one of them pays,
Kick them down; hit them now,
Let that side out; but I don’t know how,

As the wind blows through your soft hair,
How it felt to know you care,
As the time went by,
We didn’t talk very much,

Like a warm summers breeze you gust into my world,
Send me spinning, tossed and twirled,
You’ve changed my life from being boring and sad,
You make me get up in the morning feeling happy and glad,


You Come Into My Life Just By Chance,
And Spin My World Into A Trance.

You make me laugh you make me cry,

As the key turns in the door,
I don’t think my heart can take much more,

As I sit down in my chair,


Life is something you cant buy,
If it was you would never die,
Life is something that is meant to be,
Just like you and me.

It hurt so much to see her bleed,
I tried to help her, but what did she need?
As time heals the pain,
I suddenly feel that I’m no longer insane,

James Lee Watts Biography

Where do i start? I was born in Birmingham and have never lived anywhere else. My writing was only triggered by a huge loss in my family; My Grandad died of cancer over the space of a few months after having 2 strokes. I wrote him a poem as a tribute and from then on i have been writing, for the first year it was only occassional times that i wrote but then i began to write more thoroughly over the last 1-2 years. Which brings me upto this date in my life where i'm begining to realise nothing in my life will ever be the same....)

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All Across The Nation

All Across The Nation,
Is Hunger And Starvation.

All Across The Nation,
Is Racism And Discrimination.

All Across The Nation,
Is Poverty And Overpopulation.

Why Don’t We Stop This Pain?
There’s A Lot More We Can Gain.

Why Not Help Each Other?
Instead Of Killing One Another,

Actions Speak Louder Than Words,
So Lets Do Something About It!

August 2004

James Lee Watts Comments

Lare Austin 29 January 2005

Hi James...Just read your poem 'Soldiers, Murders or Heroes'...wow...you have definitely caught the full magnitude of what this is all about...and what has been going on for the lifetime of man. I would say you have much thought in the form of words to share...this is certainly one of them...your stuff is very good... I have a few new poems on this site... 'A Friend' 'Cabernet Sauvignon' 'I Am The Deer' 'Her Eyes Told Me' Keep up the writing, James...then...when you feel it's right...gather your stuff and put them in your book of poetry...don't forget...you are a storyteller...you need to tell people... Lare Austin

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Lare Austin 20 December 2004

Hi James...I just got your E mail. After reading it I went right to your poetry page on poemhunter. So far I have read just a few of your poems...I will definitely read them all. James...although I am no expert, from what I have read of your poetry I think you have a great gift in writing poetry. You convey very special thoughts that I think most of us have all gone through. I believe your poem about your grandfather is very special and the thought of giving your poem as tribute to your grandfather is precious. I lost my dad last February. I wish I had published my book of poetry before he died...but he died so suddenly. I look forward to reading future poetry from you, James. I hope one day you will publish your own book of poetry. You have a special gift... Sincerely, Lare Austin

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