James Lee Watts Poems

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All Across The Nation

All Across The Nation,
Is Hunger And Starvation.

All Across The Nation,


Slit my throat,
Slit my arms,
Stab that knife in both of my palms,

Best Friends

Remember all those times after school,
You would always mess around and act the fool,
Those were the best time ever,
I hope we’ll continue to be friends and fall out never.

Children In Need

Once again its that time of the year,
Pudsey bear is finally here,
Donate some money to show that you care,
How would you feel if your family lived out there?


In my heart you’ll stay forever,
Fade away that’s a never.

Your Shiny lock of hair,

A Word For Thought

It’s scorching hot and your whole family are having fun,
Your bodies tanning as you lie in the sun,
The kids are in the sea and your lying on the golden sand,
And the beer is resting softly in your hand,

Watching From Afar

What is this statue of beauty stood before my immature eyes?
From which part of Gods kingdom has she fallen?
Does she know I have seen her?
Quick, look down quick before she spies,

Soldiers, Murderers Or Heroes?

“Salute the flag! …Serve your country! ” is all we hear,
But they don’t tell people about all the fear,
Wondering whether you’re going to live or die!
Getting up early hours still wanting to give it a try,


Don’t do it!
Don’t put yourself through it,
It will hurt and you’ll feel bad,
You’ll feel angry not sad,

Blind Love

Just walk straight past as if I’m not even there,
Because if you stop I’ll tell you I still care,
So just keep walking on by,
I’ve got to stop these feelings,

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