A Word For Thought Poem by James Lee Watts

A Word For Thought

It’s scorching hot and your whole family are having fun,
Your bodies tanning as you lie in the sun,
The kids are in the sea and your lying on the golden sand,
And the beer is resting softly in your hand,
Suddenly you slowly drift away,
And you think to yourself I wish I could stay,

But you jump up as you hear a scream and a cry,
And then you find yourself asking why,
You look out toward the sea,
And your brain tells you this cant happen to me,

A tower of water builds in front of you,
This is so unbelievable it cant be true,
You run into the water, it’s a chance you’ve just got to take,
You grab the kids and make a break,

Your try to run away but it catches you quick,
And when the water hits you its like 50 million rocks,
Crushing you heart brick by brick,
You grab a palm tree as you rise up the surf and into the sky,
You hope it’s a dream and you going to wake up,
You hope this isn’t the final goodbye,

And you hang on to try and stay alive,
Your family near is all you thrive,
But they disappear and you don’t know where they’ve gone,
Its seems like it an eternity that the sun shone,
Your bodies ice cold but nobodies there to save you,
You need them to help you, where’s the rescue crew?

You cant hold on much longer,
You wish you had the strength to be stronger,
But you have to let go,
Because it doesn’t look like rescue’s going to show,
Your family with you is all you crave,
As you swept away to you watery grave.

We can help the helpless, help re-build what’s left of peoples lives.
What if someone you loved was there?

Lare Austin 10 January 2005

Yes, James...Bravo....you hit the nail on the head. What loving family would NOT run into the water to rescue his/her family...this is a great write...you're ahead of your time, James....keep up the writing.... Your Friend, Lare

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Emily Moore 07 January 2005

elo James, lol, i really like this poem and think thats it's gr8

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Poetry Hound 04 January 2005

You're only 14 and you wrote this? Not bad at all, although I could do without the preachy ending. Now why would you grab the kids and then run into, not out of, the water? Finally, you've got some usage issues (e.g., try to learn when to use 'you're' and 'your') . Keep writing!

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