A Journey Into Nothingness

Rating: 5.0

Careening through the universe
Upon my steed of rhyme and verse
A wretched poet’s fated curse
O such a state, there is non worse

Careening through the fated skies
Upon my cloud of silent cries
A wretched poet’s odd surprise
O such a consolation prize

Careening through the lurid seas
Upon my school, a fishy breeze
A wretched poet’s screaming plea
O such a fright, a pool of worry

Careening through the blackest night
Upon my feet I walk upright
A wretched poet’s sacred plight
O such a thing, the great, good fight

Careening through the lurid lake
Upon my boat of crows and stakes
A wretched poet’s painful fate
O such a multifaceted ache

Careening through my sullen mind
Upon my plane of thoughts I bind
A wretched poet, dumb and blind
Upon my soul, entombed, enshrined.

Roseann Shawiak 11 January 2014

When a poet journeys into nothingness, they find all kinds of thoughts wrecking havoc with fate. Great depiction of a poet's walk through life. Loved it. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Michael Fischer 04 April 2007

Very nice. I liked the imagery and how it was consistent. You earned a ten on this one! -Michael

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