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The demon takes shelter in her fear.
It awakens just prior to her slumber,
takes a hatchet to her insides,
and leaves her vulnerable in the night!

Your heart is my sun;
It brightens every day
and is always with me
wherever I go.

We're thrown hard into a world
that we know nothing about.
We're born small, weak, and speechless,
troubled with our thoughts of doubt!

Behind those thick-rimmed glasses
stands a woman with much potential.
She's bright, humorous, and beautiful;
But she doesn't realize it.

I want to be remembered
like the legendary sportsman,
who always championed,
in adversity’s awestruck face.

I dreamt all day about you babe;
Which is no different, from other days.
I miss you dearly sweetheart;
You’ll always have a home in my heart.

You believe everything you’re told;
None of your thoughts are actually your own.
Your imagination has become decayed,
as the beast leaves you in disarray.

The brainwashed fools worship the saboteur
and fall victim to his hypnotic persuasion.
His lies are like an endless line of dominoes;
falling from his tongue one after another.

She sits on the arenaceous beach
with her legs extended out in front
and her hands behind her back
as she takes in the glorious day.

I’m an empty canvas, with potential,
who is all yours for the making.
I provide you a pallet of paint and
several brushes of different sizes.

I clean my room in search
of fragments of old poetry.
I survey every note pad,
every sheet of scrap paper,

Let’s play a game I came up with;
We’ll call it a relationship.
You’ll play the distressed martyr;
I’ll play the devil’s advocate.

Ah, the sweet blissfulness of nostalgia;
it can be our hand tool
when the crazed institution called life
leaves us as an empty vagabond.

Death hides behind the sable clouds
that sweep over the crimson skies.
The mortal beings observe in awe
as the gale presents them with their

The victims’ shadows steal the wall
and project our incoming death.
The clock takes away our lifelines
and constricts us in its shackles.

Surrounded by barbarians
in their plastic dog eat god world,
I burn in flames of ignorance,
unaware of what will unfurl.

The acrobat walks the tightrope
above those stricken with awe.
So many fear his first attempt,
but he makes it look so simple.

Soon after the smokescreen clears,
the memories held of us...
our voices, our traits, our faces...
will fade with the setting sun;

Fear of failure has failed me again!
I’ve hit rock bottom so many times
that it has become my second home.
I can’t find what I’m looking for...

If you ask for my sympathy,
all you’ll get is my apathy.
You drown in insecurity?
Guess what? It doesn’t bother me!

Michael Fischer Biography

My name is Michael John Fischer II. I was born in Buffalo, NY on March 30,1987. I graduated from Maryvale High School in 2005 and I have an associate degree in General Studies from Erie Community College (ECC) . I'm going back to ECC to get an associate degree in Dietetics as I hope to become a Dietitian. I work at Sears as a sales associate in the Lawn & Garden Department. I also play roller and floor hockey on Tuesday and Thursday nights in an adult league at Mineral Springs in West Seneca. I discovered a love for writing in high school and through music. My favorite writers include Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy, Jim Morrison of the Doors, and Sandy Pearlman and Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult. Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) , Kurt Cobain, William Shakespeare, William Blake, and Edgar Allen Poe are among my other favorites. I became serious about writing in December 2006 when I was playing with my band This is the Year... that has since disbanded. I also play electric guitar and some piano. My goal as a writer is to keep getting better and better. I hope to someday become renowned for my writing and my music. 'When times get challenging, instead of playing the martyr, write about playing the martyr! ' -Michael Fischer 3/27/07)

The Best Poem Of Michael Fischer

Another Girl Robbed Of Her Esteem (When Will The Nightmare End?)

The demon takes shelter in her fear.
It awakens just prior to her slumber,
takes a hatchet to her insides,
and leaves her vulnerable in the night!

The jarring sounds from the outside
grow loud; none of them familiar.
She shakes in her striped tube socks
and slowly shrinks beneath her sheets.

Her world has almost tripled in size;
She is left to fend for herself.
Her voice has grown high-pitched
and her escape route is a dead end.

Her demon disappears in the darkness.
Its reflection hides in her bed.
Her demon? Her mirror image.
Her fear? She’s not beautiful.
But she is beautiful; inside and out.
But she’ll never know; She reads Cosmo!

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You are different.. that is good.

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An admirably original mind and a pen to match. A poet to watch. t x

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Tracy Rollings 05 May 2007

Excellent poem, well spoken yet to the point, deep but true in so many ways, great job, your friend Tracy>>>>>>>>>10 from me

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